Treatments & Products For Acne

 Our focus is to not only cover skin conditions, but also treat them! That is why we have created our own range of skin care products with unique formulas to help treat & cover many different skin conditions.


Amazing results for one of our younger customers Mae!

Now you can treat acne with our effective range of acne products. Scientifically made to improve the condition of your skin by deeply cleansing pores, dissolving dirt and hydrating your skins surface to ultimately reduce acne and leave your skin feeling and looking great. As you treat your acne and skin we offer over 48 shades of long lasting, waterproof cover cream makeup that camouflages acne. Simply match your skin tone and enjoy flawless full coverage on all skin types! We recommend using our colour corrector stack to neutralise acne for maximum coverage and effect. We cover and care for your skin! That's why we have brought out our new range of skin care products so you can TREAT & COVER to give you the best results for your skin.

 Acne day cream with 2% salicylic acid & tea tree oil: 

 Our specially formulated acne cream for daily use has been scientifically designed and made to treat acne. Quick absorbing cream mixed with salicylic acid has instant effect on your skin, by reaching deep into your skins pores and dissolving dirt and bacteria in the skin. We understand that skin is sensitive therefore we have blended tea tree oil into the formula to minimise inflammation, redness and leave your skin feeling great!

Cover Cream for camouflaging acne:

Our cover cream has been helping acne and other skin conditions for over 67 years. Widely trusted by the NHS, it is one the greatest UK camouflage creams for your skin. A thick, waterproof, SPF15 makeup that lasts all day! A great coverage you need when treating skin conditions like acne. Feels and works just like makeup. 

Colour Corrector Stack for neutralising skin: 

We have recently developed this stack to ensure flawless coverage when applying cover cream over skin conditions. With 5 neutralising colours, we recommend applying the correct shade first on the area of skin before applying your cover cream makeup to provide full, long lasting coverage. Check our neutralising colours here.

Dudu Osun Black Soap 100% Natural:

A product us at Veil love. A very powerful and naturally beneficial soap made with many organic ingredients to help all skin types. With no harmful chemicals or perfumes in, it is a great skin cleanser and an environmentally friendly product. With a beautiful smell it is great for the entire body and packed with essential substances that your skin requires on a daily basis!