Products for Birthmarks

Birthmarks cannot be treated (as far as we know) yet we do try our best to help you cover and camouflage birthmarks no matter where they are located on your skin. Our cover cream formula can be used all over the body, including face, legs, arms, stomach, back and more. Whether you want to cover your birthmark for events, or for the beach, or just daily, our cover creams are specially designed for long lasting, waterproof coverage. Find your shade today!

Our friend Amy has used Veil Cover Cream to cover her port-wine stain birthmark since she was 7!

 "I have never let having a birthmark get me down or hold me back, its part of who I am, I have and will continue too, live my life the way anybody should and thanks to veil cover cream, I’m able too." 

Amy is now a Birthmark Support Group Charity Ambassador and we love to work with all the charities we can! We have contributed towards Look good feel better, Birthmark support group charity, Katie piper foundation and loads more. 

Our Cover Cream has unparalleled coverage, with fantastic long lasting features for all areas of the body. Our Colour Corrector Stack will neutralise your birthmark or port wine stain effectively to ensure full coverage. Find your shade easily by using our sample colour matching kit. We sell over 48 shades of Camouflage cream, with SPF15 and water resistance properties, our quality cant be matched. 

Our creams are also paraben free, and we have never tested our products on animals!