Inspirational People: Harriotte Lane 08/12/2016

Inspirational People: Harriotte Lane

Harriotte Lane is a young lady from Tynemouth who suffered a burn to the leg after she spilt hot gravy when volunteering for a local riding school for disabled children. Before the accident, Harriotte had been modelling since she was 3 years old and was a keen ballet dancer. After the accident, Harriotte was forced to give up ballet dancing. Harriotte also felt too embarrassed and ashamed to continue modelling. After visiting her local walk-in centre Harriotte was first misdiagnosed with a scald but Harriotte was then hospitalised because of the... Read More

Inspirational People: Katie Piper 07/12/2016

Inspirational People: Katie Piper

Katie Piper is a lady who horrifically had acid thrown in her face on a busy London street. Before Katie’s attack, she worked as a model and TV presenter but on March 31st, 2008 Katie’s life was turned upside down when she was attacked by her vengeful boyfriend who threw industrial strength sulphuric acid in her face which left her disfigured. Speaking to the Daily Mail about the attack Katie said: “I saw a man in a hooded top walking towards me, he was carrying a cup. I assumed he was a... Read More

5 Famous People Who Have Acne 06/12/2016

5 Famous People Who Have Acne

1. Cassandra Bankson Cassandra Bankson is an American model and YouTuber who has suffered from cystic acne. Throughout her childhood Cassandra experienced bullying because of the appearance of her skin and as a result learnt how to conceal her spots. Because of the impressive makeup skills that Cassandra learnt, her acne became hard to detect with her skin appearing “flawless” in portfolio shoots which ultimately lead to Cassandra becoming a model. As well as being a model Cassandra also posts videos on YouTube where she shares helpful tutorials. Cassandra told the Daily... Read More

3 Tips For Concealing Xanthelasma 05/12/2016

3 Tips For Concealing Xanthelasma

Xanthelasma is a condition that causes yellow coloured plaques to appear on the skin. These plaques usually appear around the eye area on both the upper and lower eyelids. The yellow plaques associated with Xanthelasma are caused by fat deposits underneath the skin and the condition is said to be caused by having high cholesterol. The condition is painless but the appearance can cause confidence problems in those with the condition. Because of this, some people opt for high coverage makeup products to conceal the yellow plaques associated with the... Read More

5 Famous People Who Have Psoriasis 04/12/2016

5 Famous People Who Have Psoriasis

Jess White Jess White is a star of reality TV show, The Only Way Is Essex. In the book, Everyday Psoriasis, Jess revealed what it is like to live with the chronic condition and stated how it made her feel “lonely and isolated.” She added “Psoriasis doesn’t just affect the way you look physically; it also has a huge emotional impact. But I’ve realised that it’s not the end of the world and living with psoriasis doesn’t have to hold anyone back.” Dara Torres Dare Torres is an Olympic swimmer who... Read More

Inspirational People: Rhiannon White 03/12/2016

Inspirational People: Rhiannon White

Rhiannon White is a young lady who has suffered from Psoriasis for most of her life. Rhiannon developed Psoriasis when she was nine years old, around the time when her parents divorced. The condition started on her ears and scalp before gradually spreading to the rest of her body. Speaking to The Mirror Rhiannon said “I guess the stress of the divorce caused it but I was never bothered about it. I used to tell people my ears were coming off. The fact that I was such a laid back child... Read More

Inspirational People: Keeve Angline 02/12/2016

Inspirational People: Keeve Angline

Keeve Angline is a young lady from Dublin, Ireland who has spoken out about suffering from severe Acne. Keeve felt so unattractive that she was left feeling terrified to speak to men and go on dates. Speaking to the Daily Mail about a specific time when she plucked up the courage to talk to a man who mistakenly asked if she had been in an accident, Keeve said “The night before, in a fit of anger that my acne would not go no matter what I did, I had scrubbed my face viciously... Read More

How To Cover Up A Tattoo For A Christmas Party 01/12/2016

How To Cover Up A Tattoo For A Christmas Party

As Christmas is fast approaching many of us are beginning to get in that festive spirit by attending parties and celebrations with friends and loved ones. Christmas is the perfect time to glam up and put on our best frock but perhaps you’ve got a tattoo on show that you want to hide. Maybe you no longer love the design? Perhaps you just fancy covering it up? There is a product to help, the Veil Tattoo Camouflage Kit. This tattoo concealer kit contains everything you need to prep your skin... Read More

Inspirational People: Laura Stageman 30/11/2016

Inspirational People: Laura Stageman

Laura Stageman is a young lady who has eczema. Laura had been treating her condition with anti-inflammatory steroid-based medication since she was a toddler but stopped the medication and later experienced red sores and shedding of her skin. Laura was then diagnosed with Topical Steroid Withdrawl which is also known as Red Skin Syndrome. This is a severe reaction that was triggered when Laura stopped using her medicated creams. Speaking to the Daily Mail Laura said “A week after I stopped using steroid creams my skin went red with sores like... Read More

Inspirational People: Emma Jarvis 29/11/2016

Inspirational People: Emma Jarvis

Emma Jarvis is a young lady from Hampshire who has Psoriasis. Emma’s Psoriasis causes itchy and crusty patches to form on her legs, back and arms. Emma has always had patches on her skin but first, experiences a flare up when she was seven years old. She told The Daily Mail: “I can’t remember not having it. I started getting patches and my grandpa has it so my mum took me to the dermatologist. I had it really badly on my scalp, so it would come down on my shoulders... Read More