Look Good Feel Better Workshop

Last week, our products were used in a workshop by charity Look Good Feel Better. We’re honoured to support this charity and have done for a number of years.

What is Look Good Feel Better?

Look Good Feel Better is the only international cancer support charity, providing practical and very effective free services for women and teenagers. We have been proud supporters of them for some time now.

The workshop

This particular event took place in James Cook hospital in Middlesbrough. Here’s what Look Good Feel Better said about it:
“Fabulous day at James Cook! Some very glamorous ladies were looking fabulous and enjoying the support and company the pamper session gives.
The ladies love the Cream because it gives them confidence, especially when covering scars.
It was a great session.”
Look Good Feel Better in Middlesbrough and County Durham

Veil’s values

We were so pleased to see the joy that our products brought to those who attended this workshop. Our priority has always been helping people feel comfortable in their own skin, whether this is by embracing its appearance exactly as it is, or by concealing imperfections with makeup.
Thank you Look Good Feel Better in Middlesbrough and County Durham for using our products in this amazing workshop!
Maybe you attended the workshop and would like to share your experience? Please share in the comments!

Veil – The Perfect Solution For Ageing Skin

Ageing is something to be proud of, but maybe you wish your skin could look younger? Veil Cover Cream is just what you need.

Are age spots and varicose veins bringing you down? In a society obsessed with flawlessness, it can be easy to see your skin’s ageing in a negative way. At Veil, we want you to feel confident about the way that you look and if that means disguising your skin’s signs of ageing, we’re here to help.

Effective cover for skin imperfections

High-coverage but light-weight, our Cover Cream effortlessly disguises any skin imperfections, whether you’ve always had them or have developed them over the years.

Pollution, sun damage and lack of sleep are also some of the many things that can have an impact on skin. As you and your skin mature, you might feel like you’re no longer looking as youthful as you’d like.

But worry not! Our Cover Cream‘s unique formula provides a natural-looking flawless finish. Easy to apply and blend, our products provide unrivalled results every time, whether used as a ‘grab and go’ to cover imperfections or as a full foundation.

Hydrate your skin with our Skin Care range

Feel confident with your skin

One of the best things about our products is their durability. Not only are they waterproof, enabling you to swim with any tattoos or varicose veins effectively disguised, but they’re sweat-proof too. Many women experience hot flushes and sweats during their menopause; with Veil Cover Cream, you can feel confident in the knowledge that your makeup will stay put.

As cell production slows, mature skin can lose its firmness and moisture. Here, our hydrating Skin Care range is exactly what you need to keep your skin in tip-top condition.

So whatever challenges age is presenting to your skin, Veil has – literally – got you covered!

Have you noticed changes to your skin as you’ve got older? Are you a Veil customer and found that our products have helped your appearance? Let us know in the comments!

Your definitive guide for the perfect tattoo cover-up

Inkings you’d rather not have on show? Veil Cover Cream provides effective, natural-looking tattoo cover – here’s how to apply.

There are many reasons for wanting to cover up a tattoo. Maybe you have a special occasion you want to look your best for. Perhaps you have a job interview coming up. Or maybe you just regret ever getting inked. Whatever the reason, our Tattoo Camouflage Kit is the perfect solution for effective tattoo cover.

Wondering how to apply? Read on for our comprehensive guide.


First things first – find your shade & prepare the area you wish to cover.

1. Mix shades to find your perfect colour match

If you are finding the shades provided in the Tattoo Camouflage Kit aren’t quite right for your skin tone, fear not, all shades can be mixed to make interim colours. For example, if the colour of concealer is too dark for your skin, simply mix in some White to tint the shade to your desired colour.

2. Choose your shade in natural light, not artificial light

When selecting the shade to hide your tattoo with, and also when applying your Cover Cream, always do so in natural light. Artificial light can alter the appearance of the shade – it might look like you’re using the correct colour and have blended the Cover Cream well, but once in natural light, there might be a noticeable difference.

3. Shave the area before applying your Cover Cream

If you are covering up a tattoo on a very hairy area, the area should ideally be shaved first to give a smooth surface. This makes application easier and prevents the area from looking cakey and heavy.



  • Make sure that the skin is clean and dry by applying the Cleansing Cream, wiping off with a tissue, then applying the Toning Lotion which removes any remaining oiliness.
  • Choose the shade of Veil Cover Cream that matches the natural skin surrounding the tattoo. Shades can easily be mixed together in the Mixing Jar to make interim colours.


  • Remove a small amount of the Veil Cover Cream from the jar using the spatula.
  • Dab on the Veil Cover Cream with a finger using a patting motion – do not rub.


  • Continue to dab on the Veil Cover Cream over the whole tattoo area.
  • If any part of the tattoo shadows through, apply another thin layer dabbed gently on top. Thin layers are more effective than one thick layer.
  • Coverage is now complete so gently blend the edges into the natural skin surrounding the tattoo.


  • The final step is to set the Veil Cover Cream with Finishing Powder by buffing on plenty of Finishing Powder using the cotton pad or a dry cotton wool ball using a rocking and pressing motion. Do not rub.
  • Gently brush off excess Powder and remove any floury look by dabbing the camouflaged area with a damp cotton wool pad.
  • The Cover Cream is now set and waterproof so will not come off in the rain or when swimming but pat yourself dry rather than rubbing.

And that’s it! We’d love to see your before and after pics – tag us on social media!

Why Veil is your perfect makeup this autumn

It’s September and officially autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Breeze into the new season with Veil, the perfect makeup for all times of year!

If one thing is certain about autumn, it’s the crazy weather – at least in the UK. From unexpected bouts of sunshine to downpours out of nowhere, it’s easy to be caught out.

But whether you’re getting drenched or are lathered in sweat under too many layers of new season clothing, Veil’s got you covered! Waterproof and sweat-proof, our Cover Cream endures all conditions – especially when used with our Finishing Powder.

Your skin concerns are safely covered

Veil is amazing at disguising skin imperfections. Maybe you have a skin concern that you affects your confidence? Perhaps you have a tattoo you regret ever getting? Scars you want to hide or a skin condition you’d like to cover up? We got you.

Veil Cover Cream offers incredible, durable coverage. Just check out our social media to see the amazing looks and transformations that our fab customers and MUAs have created with our products!

Image credit: Claire Swan

And this isn’t all – light-weight and natural-looking, you don’t have to worry about your makeup looking cakey or clogging up your skin.

Best of all? Our products are cruelty-free! #EndAnimalTesting.

New season, new look

Transition into autumn with one less care with our Cover Cream, secure in the knowledge that your skin is covered with a makeup that will only come off when you want it to.

Maybe you’re jetting off to chase the summer? Or perhaps you live in the Southern Hemisphere and are just beginning peel off layers of clothing, not add more? Once again, Veil is the perfect makeup – read these posts to find out why!

Head to our shop on our site today and consider your new season makeup sorted!


Helping you feel confident in your own skin is what Veil is all about

One of Veil’s core values is offering people a solution to concerns with their skin’s appearance. Adam’s story embodies this perfectly.

If you follow us on social media or receive our newsletters, last month you’ll have heard about our exciting new project in collaboration with makeup artist Gemma Rimmington, photographer Natalie Pluck and model Gianni Casagrande.

After the photoshoot, Gemma shared a story with us regarding Adam, one of our models — and it really caught our attention.

Adam’s story

Adam was born with a port wine birthmark on his face, down his arm and on his chest. He’s spent years having laser treatments to reduce the birthmark but continues to have facial discolouration. Gemma revealed that during filming Adam explained that it was his first time wearing a camouflage cream and he had never seen his face without it before. “He was blown away,” Gemma told us, “Such a wonderful job to be part of and I definitely reap the rewards of knowing how confident he felt! Amazing.”

Adam (image credit: Gemma Rimmington)

The reason this scenario means so much to us is that it embodies what Veil is all about. Our Cover Cream was created in 1952 by pioneering plastic surgeon Thomas Blake to hide post-operative scars. Offering people a way to effectively conceal skin imperfections or conditions continues to be one of our core values.

Confidence is a big thing for us all. While we all know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, we live in a world that often aims to achieve perfection and judges people on their looks. Physical ‘imperfections’ not only attract unwanted attention but also distract from who we are as people.

Free yourself from concerns about your skin’s appearance

Veil Cover Cream offers a way to cover up perceived flaws and gives relief from skin concerns. How everyone wishes to present themselves to the world is their own unique and individual choice. We’re proud to provide people with the opportunity to disguise skin conditions or imperfections that they would rather be without.

Maybe you’re like Adam and have lived with a birthmark from birth? Perhaps you developed vitiligo or psoriasis? Maybe you regret getting tattoos, or have scars that tell stories you’d rather keep private? Whatever you want to conceal, our products give effective and durable cover that makes your skin’s appearance your choice.

Has Veil Cover Cream allowed you to be more confident with your own skin? Share your story with us in the comments or on social media, we’d love to hear from you!

Everything You Need To Know About Veil Colour Matching Kits

Curious about our Colour Matching Kits? You’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve visited our website or follow us on social media, you’ll have heard of our Colour Matching Kits (also sometimes called Sample Kits). These kits are available in Light, Medium and Dark shades to help you perfectly match your skin tone. We even have a handy little tutorial on colour matching right here.

Composed of a blister pack of several shades of our Cover Cream and our two Finishing Powders, our Colour Matching Kits introduce you to a range of shades. This allows you to experiment with colours, which saves you from purchasing a pot of Cover Cream that doesn’t suit your skin tone.

And if you have any questions or need any advice, contact us by phone, email or social media – we are always happy to help!

Image credit: Alice-Christina

Mix and Match

The great thing about our Colour Matching Kits is they’re so versatile you can really be creative with them.  Use a paler shade for concealer, a darker shade for contouring and maybe even use one as a blusher – there are so many possibilities!

Why not try mixing some shades together? Mix and match different tones to make one that’s absolutely perfect for you.

If you like this idea and fall in love with several tones, why not purchase our Pro Kit? It contains 36 of our most popular shades, enabling you to experiment to your heart’s content.

Pro Kit – available now in our shop!

Oh, and have we mentioned that our Colour Matching Kits come with a voucher for £5 off your next Veil purchase over £19? What’s not to love?

Tell us what you think!

We love to hear your thoughts about our products. This review of our Sample Kit by blogger Alice-Christina is a must-read.

Once you’ve tried our products, why not share your thoughts? Write a blog post or get in touch on social media, we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Have you tried our Colour Matching Kits? Let us know in the comments!

Veil Cover Cream: an essential addition to your holiday makeup

Have you got a holiday coming up? Veil Cover Cream is the perfect holiday makeup and an essential item for your bag.

There’s a lot to think about when planning for a holiday: location, travel, packing, agenda… and also looking good. Whether it’s getting that perfect beach body or simply your skincare regimes, appearance is a common concern when people are preparing for their trip.

Maybe you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about a skin condition or imperfection. Or maybe you’ve got an embarrassing tattoo, holidays can feel even more stressful. This is where we come in.

Suitable for face and body, Veil Cover Cream provides buildable and bendable high coverage that will make your skin concerns invisible. And that’s not all – it’s light-weight and natural looking so you won’t have to worry about your coverage feeling heavy or looking cakey.

Did we mention its durability? Our products are sweat and waterproof (as long as you pat dry). So whether you want to chill by the pool or be active in the sun, your makeup will last as long as you do.

And don’t forget our skincare range. Not only do our products keep your skin moisturised and create the perfect base for your Cover Cream, but our Witch Hazel Cream is super soothing if you get a little sunburnt.

We have a wealth of information here on our blog and a page packed with tutorials for how to apply. If you have any questions or need any advice, drop us an email or get in touch on social media, we’re always happy to help.

Your skin should be the last of your worries and Veil can make it so. We’d love to see you having fun in the sun, wearing our products, so don’t forget to tag us in your holiday pics!


Colour Correcting Concealers

If you’ve ever looked at our shade range and Pro Kit you may have noticed we have a selection of colour correcting concealers. These shades aren’t skin coloured but instead are Mauve, Yellow and Green in colour.  Wonder what they’re for? Read on.


These shade might seem crazy at first but they play a key role in counteracting certain tones in the skin. Here’s the lowdown:-


On a basic colour wheel, the colour purple is directly opposite the colour yellow. This means that the two colours cancel each other out.

Since the shade Mauve is a lilac tone, it’s brilliant for eliminating yellow tones in the skin. This is great if you have yellow tones in your skin,  yellow-toned bruising or suffer from the condition Xanthelasma.

If you find you have a dull yellow toned complexion that you wish to brighten, Mauve is also great for this.


Our next shade is Yellow. Since this colour is opposite purple on the colour wheel we know that it eliminates purple tones in the skin.

Yellow is great for Port Wine Stain birthmarks, eye circles and purple toned discolouration that occurs on the eyelids. This colour is also fantastic for concealing prominent veins and purple-blue toned bruises. Yellow can even be used to counteract very slight redness.


And finally, we have Green which is opposite red on the colour wheel so it tackles redness in the skin.

This shade is perfect for tackling red acne areas and is also ideal for those with Rosacea. Green concealer is popular amongst those with pale complexions for applying at the sides of the nose where slight redness is very common.

A word of caution…

When applying colour correcting concealers do be sure to gradually build up the amount you apply as applying too much can actually over-counteract which can cause the skin to look dull, unnatural and lifeless.

Do you use colour correcting concealers? Have you got any tips for their use? Tell us in the comments!