3 Myths About Age Spots 08/01/2017

3 Myths About Age Spots

1. Age spots are caused by ageing – FALSE Despite the confusing name, age spots aren’t actually caused by ageing or old age. Age spots are actually a direct result of the sun’s UV rays which penetrate the skin all year round. These UV rays cause a reaction to the skin’s pigment called Melanin which is a chemical responsible for our hair colour, eye colour and skin colour. The more sun exposure you receive, the darker the skin gets which results in a tanned look. As new skin cells make... Read More

Vascular Birthmark Foundation Reaches 100,000th Patient 07/01/2017

Vascular Birthmark Foundation Reaches 100,000th Patient

The Vascular Birthmark Foundation provides support, resources and information for both children and adults born with vascular birthmarks. The foundation was set up by Dr Linda Rozell-Shannon in 1994 after her daughter was born with a hemangioma, a type of vascular birthmark. Dr Linda Rozell-Shannon told Your Niskayuna “No one was there for me in 1994. Because of that, I vowed to God that I would dedicate my life to this cause” It was then in 1994 when Dr Linda Rozell-Shannon founded the Vascular Birthmark Foundation to help educate others on vascular birthmarks,... Read More

What are Thread Veins? 06/01/2017

What are Thread Veins?

What are Thread Veins? Thread Veins are small dilated visible blood vessels that appear in the skin. Thread veins are also known as spider veins or telangiectasias. These dilated blood vessels appear small and occur when the blood vessels in the skin permanently dilate and rupture. This causes the blood to spread to other blood vessels which leaves a red or blue appearance. Why thread veins occur isn’t known but experts have identified a number of triggers. For example, an increase in female hormones can trigger the development of thread... Read More

3 Myths About Under Eye Circles 05/01/2017

3 Myths About Under Eye Circles

1. Under Eye Circles are caused solely by lack of sleep – FALSE Under eye circles, or dark circles can be caused by a number of things. A lack of sleep can lead to stress which can then lead to the circles developing under the eyes. However, other factors like genetics, health and having certain medical conditions can also contribute to the development of under eye circles. Diet and lifestyle can also lead to circles developing. 2. Under Eye Circles can be improved by exposure to the sun – FALSE... Read More

What Is Discoid Lupus? 04/01/2017

What Is Discoid Lupus?

What is Discoid Lupus? Discoid Lupus is a condition that causes inflammation, scars and sores to appear on the skin. The condition is a chronic skin condition that often affects the face, scalp and ears but can also affect other areas of the body. The cause of the condition is unknown but experts think that it is caused when the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue. The condition can cause scaly, red and inflamed lesions to develop on the skin. In terms of who the condition affects, it can... Read More

3 Myths About Stretch Marks 03/01/2017

3 Myths About Stretch Marks

1. Stretch Marks occur only when weight is gained – FALSE Although Stretch Marks can occur when weight is gained, they can also occur due to other factors. For example, many teenagers who go through puberty develop stretch marks due to growth spurts which cause the skin to stretch. Those with certain health conditions such as Cushing’s Syndrome and Marfan Syndrome can also develop stretch marks. And those who have used topical corticosteroids for prolonged periods of time have also been known to develop stretch marks. Hormonal changes can also... Read More

Inspirational People: Danielle Branch 02/01/2017

Inspirational People: Danielle Branch

Danielle Branch is a 30-year old from Maidstone, Kent who suffered third-degree burns to 85 percent of her body after being involved in a New Year’s Eve inferno. Just hours before the clocks struck midnight in 2015 Danielle was caught up in a blaze. During the fire Danielle’s stepdad, Jez was blown out of their caravan by the blaze and Danielle and her mum Janet were left to climb out, despite Danielle’s soles of her feet being burnt off. As many around the country saw in 2016 Danielle lay unconscious in... Read More

Inspirational People: Dana Vulin 01/01/2017

Inspirational People: Dana Vulin

Dana Vulin is a 30-year old from Perth, Australia who was attacked by a jealous love rival who left Dana with 65 percent burns across her body. On 16th February 2012 Dana’s life was turned upside down when she was attacked by a woman who was convinced that Dana was sleeping with her ex-husband. The woman broke into Dana’s flat to confront her before dousing Dana in methylated spirits which turned her into a fireball. The woman was later jailed for 17 years but Dana was left with painful burns.... Read More

Inspirational People: Layla Skalli 31/12/2016

Inspirational People: Layla Skalli

Layla Skalli is a young lady who suffered 90% burns to her body after it was damaged by flames. The blaze happened in on 14th April 2009 in a flatshare in Norwich. Layla says that the cause of the fire is still unknown but there was no warning as her landlord had not fitted smoke alarms to the property. During the blaze, Layla had fallen unconscious due to the heavy smoke. She then awoke from a coma nine days later and was disorientated. Fire crews smashed through Layla’s third-floor window... Read More

Inspirational People: Morenike Oshin 30/12/2016

Inspirational People: Morenike Oshin

Morenike Oshin is a lady who was born in Nigeria but now lives in Oklahoma. Morenike was involved in an accident when she was a young girl. Morenike was six years old when her aunt’s oven exploded as she leant over to sample a spoonful of her aunt’s cooking. She was then rushed to hospital where doctors sliced off her skin as it was too burnt for them to insert a drip. Speaking of the accident to the Daily Mail Morenike said “The first thing I did after running out... Read More