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This is an image of the CeraFresh Ultra Hydrating Eye Serum, a product designed to cool, soothe and hydrate your undereye area. 04/11/2021

CeraFresh Ultra Hydrating Eye Serum – Cool and Soothe Your Eye Area

Cool and soothe your under-eye area with this hydrating serum Introducing the brand new CeraFresh Ultra Hydrating Eye Serum. This is a cooling eye product designed to cool, soothe and hydrate your under-eye area. This product combines four powerful ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid, Andiroba Oil, Aloe Vera and Moringa Oil. By increasing skin moisturise, antioxidant Hyaluronic Acid keeps the skin looking radiant and youthful. By helping the skin to retain water and preventing moisture loss, Hyaluronic Acid prevents fine lines and wrinkles from developing. Hyaluronic Acid also improves the appearance of... Read More

This is an image of CeraFresh Ultra Coconut & Moringa Body Milk Lotion, a moisturising cream formulated to nourish, soothe and soften the skin. 02/11/2021

CeraFresh Ultra Coconut & Moringa Body Milk Lotion – Soothe Your Skin

Hydrate, soothe and moisturise your skin with CeraFresh Ultra Coconut & Moringa Body Milk Lotion Soft and hydrated skin management is incredibly important. Not only does this tackle dry skin, but it also, in turn, helps to prevent premature ageing. This is because when you hydrate the skin, you decrease the chance of fine lines and wrinkles developing. This is because the skin is more plump and supple. By keeping the skin moisturised you also keep it soothed and irritated skin at bay. To help in your journey to nourished... Read More

This is an image of three Compact Xanthelasma Stacks 01/11/2021
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Compact Xanthelasma Stacks – A Travel-Friendly High Coverage Product

Introducing the brand new Compact Xanthelasma Stacks. This product contains two shades of cover cream and a finishing powder to help cover-up and conceal Xanthelasma. This Camouflage X-Stack consists of a shade to match your skin tone alongside our powerful Mauve colour correcting shade and a pot of trusted finishing powder. You’ll also receive an applicator brush and sponge. This product harnesses the powerful coverage of Veil Cover Cream to cover and counteract the yellow plaques that appear in those with Xanthelasma. A compact stack customised to match your skin... Read More

Customisable Xanthelasma Kits 28/10/2021
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Customisable Xanthelasma Kits – Tailored Sets To Perfectly Fit Your Skin

Customisable Xanthelasma Kits, a product designed to meet your skin concealing needs Introducing the first customisable Xanthelasma Kits. We’ve created this kit to allow you to select the shades of Veil Cover Cream best suitable for your skin. In this kit, you’ll receive 4 x 5g shades of Cover Cream along with a colour correcting shade of your choice. In the kit, you’ll also receive a finishing powder, makeup brush and a mixing palette. This kit is great for travel due to its compact size and works to provide the... Read More

CeraFresh Ultra Acne Gift Set a product part of the brand new CeraFresh Ultra Skincare Gift Sets range 28/10/2021
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CeraFresh Gift Sets – The Ideal Gift For Any Skincare Lover

Introducing CeraFresh skincare packs Joining our brand new range of skincare products are the CeraFresh Gift Sets. Containing three products, these sets are designed to be used as part of your daily skincare routine. These carefully curated kits combine three complementary products. Created to improve your skin texture and overall complexion, these products are sure to boost your confidence. CeraFresh gift sets are packed full of effective Skincare to help spot prone, dehydrated and ageing skin Currently, we have three CeraFresh Gift Sets available to treat spot-prone, dehydrated and ageing... Read More

CeraFresh Ultra Skincare Range 28/10/2021

CeraFresh Ultra Skincare Range – Our Brand New Skin Boosting Collection

Introducing the CeraFresh Ultra Skincare Range Introducing the newest product range to join our growing trusted skincare range, CeraFresh Ultra Skincare. Designed to help tackle a variety of skin conditions, CeraFresh Ultra is a range that is highly effective. The skin conditions that the range can help include Acne, blemishes, spots, dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, scars and the signs of ageing. This range has been developed by dermatologists using natural cruelty-free ingredients. Made in the UK, the newly formulated range includes: Acne Day + Night Cream Designed to... Read More

This is an image of Veil products including the Veil Colour Matching Kit, Veil Finishing Powder and Veil Cover Cream. Veil Cover Cream is a high coverage camouflage concealer designed to cover and conceal a range of skin conditions such as acne, vitiligo, rosacea, scarring, xanthelasma and more. For best results apply makeup in thin layers. 09/07/2020

Why Building Up Your Makeup In Thin Layers Is Essential

With makeup, many wearers aspire to achieve a lovely natural look which enhances what we deem to be our best features whilst concealing the areas that we wish to cover up. Makeup can be both fun and confidence-boosting. However, if you aren’t a makeup artist or an avid makeup fan keeping an eye on all the latest news, application can be difficult and confusing. With trends ever-changing in makeup and new application techniques popping up all the time, many non-makeup experts can be left feeling somewhat left behind and lost.... Read More

This is an image of a selection of Veil Cover Cream shades. Veil Cover Cream is a high coverage concealer designed to cover up a variety of skin conditions such as scars, acne, vitiligo, xanthelasma and more. Find your perfect concealer shade today by trying out the Veil Colour Matching Kit. 11/06/2020

3 Top Tips For Finding Your Perfect Concealer Shade

One of the key parts of achieving the best possible makeup cover-up is finding the right shade for your skin. Finding a shade that matches your skin tone perfectly can be critical for your cover-up. By selecting a shade that matches your skin you ensure that the area you are concealing can be blended into the skin for undetectable wear. With over 50 shades in our range, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed on where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve created a product to help. 1. Find Your Perfect... Read More

This is an image of various shades of Veil Cover Cream, a high coverage concealer available in a variety of colours to match all skin tones. Veil Cover Cream can conceal tattoos, portwine stain birthmarks, strawberry birthmarks, granuloma annulare, cafe au lait spots, vitiligo, melasma, pigmentation marks, xanthelasma, acne, rosacea, spots, blemishes, redness, blushing, scars, scarring, keloid scars, raynaud's, thread veind, varicose veins, broken capillaries, stretch marks, stork marks and various other skin conditions. 14/05/2020

How To Improve The Appearance Of Scarring & Boost Your Confidence

When it comes to scarring, scars can appear due to various reasons. Maybe you’ve had an injury? Perhaps you’ve got surgical scars from a medical procedure. Whatever the reason, you’re definitely not alone. According to a study published on the NCBI website, each year in the developed world 100 million patients acquire scars. It’s also estimated that there are 11 million keloid scars and 4 million burn scars. But why do scars appear? Well, they’re part of the body’s natural healing process. Often they fade and disappear over time. However,... Read More

This picture contains Veil Skincare products that are perfect for adding into your skincare routine 16/04/2020

Is A Skincare Routine Really That Important?

Recently we’ve launched a whole range of brand new skincare products for you to implement into your skincare routine. However, you might be wondering, is a skincare routine really that important? As huge skincare fans, we swear by having a good skincare routine in place. Getting into the habit of using products designed to treat your skin helps to keep your complexion in the best possible condition. For those new, to skincare, the topic can be overwhelming as there are many products available on the beauty market. But fear not,... Read More