Jessica Covers Her Tattoo With Veil

Jessica Covers Her Tattoo With Veil
“Amazing stuff, I’m stunned! It’s actually gone. I have just used veil cover cream for the first time and I’m amazed!

After 5 minutes of applying the cream and powder I was stunned that my tattoo had gone. I’m a freelance model and its hard getting paid work because a lot of photographers/agencies do not accept models with tattoos. Now that I can cover them it will be a lot easier to gain the work I have wanted to do and I know at a shoot I will be happier with my images knowing my tattoos are out of the way!

I think this is going to be a great fresh start for me! I’m so excited to cover them all up for my studio day shoot tomorrow! I know I will feel amazing as I just do with one tattoo gone let alone with all my other three gone too!

What else can I say? It’s easy to use and has changed my life!”

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