Laura Talks Openly About Her Vitiligo

Laura Talks Openly About Her Vitiligo

“When I was 16 I started to have vitiligo. It was hard. I was becoming a woman, with femininity popping out and..I had that horrible skin! I cried a lot of times, because I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. the only thing I see, when I see myself, is vitiligo. Not Laura, not a person. just vitiligo on Laura, vitiligo on a person.

In 11 years my spots increased a lot, there’s no way to stop them.

I tried every kind of cure but I just realised it was a waste of time. So I stopped everything. Since one day, at my school of make up, this teacher talked about the veil cover cream, a magic camouflage for everything, from scars to vitiligo, from tattoo to red spots and acne.

I decided to contact the team and they were so nice to send me some samples to find my correct shade. I just finished to apply it and…guys, I cried.

For the first time in 11 years I have “normal” hands. they’re perfect.

I cried because I thought about all the things happened to me in this years. all the people staring at me at the beach, looking at my white babies. all the money spent in medicines, in uvb lamps, in doctors without reaching a positive results.

All the time I was reading the various blogs, I was surprising myself and being envious of my friends because they hadn’t got vitiligo.

And now that I found Veil Cover Cream, even if is not permanent, even if is just temporary, even if my white spots are still there, for a day I can feel finally happy and look at myself with more confidence, not be scared to remove my clothes in front of my partner or friends, not worried anymore to what to wear, and what to avoid to wear because people could see my vitiligo.

I think I can gain confidence in myself, in my person. I know people think: “It could be worse, there are a lot of bad bad disease, worse then vitiligo, in the world”. I know that, and I agree, however, those people who suffer from vitiligo can understand how emotionally devastating it is to have it, and because it is genetic, you are also afraid to have babies, because they could have it one day, and you know you’ll be the reason for their vitiligo. I hope one day they’ll find a cure for that, but for now, Veil cover cream is definitely my new best friend.



  • Diana williams

    Hi there. Can I buy this cover up in Uk. My vitilgo is now bad on my hands and legs and I want to cover up. I have tried various creams but they never cover completely and I am now very self conscious. I work as a Flight Attendant so in my job, I am highly visible. Thank u. Diana

    • Shannon

      Hi Diana, our products aren’t stocked in any stores however our products are available to purchase in the UK via our online shop. We recommend first purchasing a sample kit to find your perfect colour match as we have over 40 shades in our range. Veil Cover Cream is highly pigmented so it is ideal for those who wish to conceal skin conditions such as Vitiligo.