Lisa Covers Her Port Wine Stain with Veil Camouflage Makeup

Lisa covers her Port Wine Stain with Veil Camouflage Makeup

Lisa was born with a port wine stain, a birthmark caused by the abnormal development of blood vessels in the skin. For many people birthmarks aren’t a huge issue, but Lisa’s is very noticeable and covers her right eye-lid and the area between her eye-brow and her hair-line.

Now 41, Lisa began searching for make-up to cover the stain when she was 12. She found that Boots No7 concealer worked for her and used it daily for almost thirty years. Then one day she noticed the packaging had changed. Slightly alarmed that they’d changed the product too she used the concealer as usual but found that it didn’t cover the mark well. Her suspicions were confirmed when she contacted the company who told her they had changed the formula. They offered her a consultation in the shop with an expert to find another product that suited her – the prospect of sitting in the middle of a shop with no make-up on was not one that Lisa would contemplate and she found it an insensitive offer.

Lisa never allows anyone to see her without make-up on as she is very self-conscious, so without her normal concealer she was desperate to find an alternative. Her search led her to Veil, taking advantage of a free sample they were offering during the Veil Challenge promotion. She was immediately impressed with the Cover Cream. She said: “Veil seems to do the trick and it’s actually way better than the original concealer I have been using for nearly 30 years! I even went swimming in it. Normally I’d have been rushing off into the changing rooms afterwards with my head in a towel to frantically reapply. However with VeiI I didn’t even need to retouch – and that was with pulling goggles over my face.”

She experimented with the sample colours and hit upon the shade that suited her perfectly. Her first night out with friends was the true test – no one noticed her birthmark and she was delighted. Veil is now the basis of her daily make-up routine and she is using it as a foundation rather than just to cover one specific area. She doesn’t need to reapply during the day at work and, whilst it’s more expensive than the high street concealer she had been using, it lasts much longer and is ultimately more cost-effective.

Lisa is now a firm fan of Veil and says: “I wish I’d known about Veil 30 years ago – if I’d realised how good it is I would have been using it from the age of 12.”

Although she is very self-conscious of her port wine stain, Lisa has bravely agreed to allow us to show her before and after photos on the website as proof to others that the product does work brilliantly.

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