Wendy Covers Psoriasis with Veil Camouflage Cream

Wendy Covers Psoriasis with Veil Camouflage Cream

Wendy, now 47, has had psoriasis since she was a teenager. It became worse in her 20s and for many years she has been forced to wear long sleeves, even in the hottest weather, to cover her elbows.

It’s not only her elbows that are affected, but also more intimate areas and, recently, she has suffered outbreaks on her nose and hands she has found difficult to cover. Over the years she has become increasingly self-conscious, checking for loose flakes before going out in public and often visiting the toilet whilst out to double-check. She said: “I am always worried when I have to hand over money or shake hands. Psoriasis looks ugly on the skin and lots of people don’t know what it is. I worry they may think it’s catching.”

She heard about Veil when talking to a friend who mentioned she uses Veil to cover blemishes around her eyes caused by cholesterol. Wendy signed up to the Veil Challenge during January’s focus on psoriasis and received a free sample of the Cover Cream. She was amazed at the results. She said: “Veil worked so well I couldn’t believe it. I found the perfect colour for my skin and when applied, the redness and silver flake appearance disappears. There is no skin reaction either so when Veil is removed at the end of the day my skin is not sore or any worse than when I put it on.

“I can fit the small pot of cream into my hand bag and just quickly retouch any rubbed areas. It’s so quick and easy to do, like touching up your lipstick when you are in the toilet.”

Wendy, a mother of four including an Autistic son whom she schools at home, now knows that the stress and pressure of psoriasis can be eased by using Veil Cover Cream.

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