Amy Elsegood’s Story

Amy Elsegood is a young lady from Ripon in North Yorkshire. In 2014 Amy appeared in the media after she shared her “No makeup selfie”  with the world where she showed her Port Wine Stain Birthmark. Since sharing her story Amy has inspired many people. Her is Amy’s story:

“I was 7 years old when I first came to veil cover cream, for a camouflage colour match to cover the Port-wine stain birthmark that covered almost half my face. At that point I knew I was different to other children.

Once I got my colour match, I only wore the make up if I was going to school discos or parties. When I started secondary school, I started wearing Veil more and more, until it came to the point where I didn’t like anyone seeing me without make up on.

I tried other camouflage make up, but none of them were as natural, some took longer to apply and even longer to set. With Veil Cover Cream, I can apply in minutes, it provides full coverage and it will last me all day. Even going on holiday, once I apply veil in a morning I can get in and out the pool and be protected from the sun all day.

Using veil cover cream has given me confidence, and gives me a natural look.

I have never let having a birthmark get me down or hold me back, its part of who I am, I have and will continue too, live my life the way anybody should and thanks to Veil Cover Cream, I’m able too.”


Amy Elsegood Before and After

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