Sue’s Story

Sue shares her story and experience of using Veil Cover Cream:

When I was born in 1957 I had a large raised Port Wine stain on the left hand side of my face covering a large area around my eye,  cheek  and nose.

After my Parents initial shock especially my Mum they set about trying to find the best treatment. My parents found a specialist in London (the best in Europe at the time) and it was from his consultation that they were put in touch with VEIL. 

They saw various Specialists in London and in the East Grinstead Famous Burns unit.

I had a lot of various treatments as a child some of which I was too young to remember all were for the most part unsuccessful.

Consequently I have been wearing Veil since a baby which is evident in all my baby photos. We have tried other product but always came back to Veil.

My Childhood although happy was always tinged  with bullying and a constant  barrage of name calling and stares and whispers. As a young schoolgirl I wore Veil on the Port Wine side but not on the other  applied by my Mum, this left me with being very pink on one side and white on the other, calls of “Coco the Clown “  were always the normal chant after PE and when I was hot  in “Summer”. The worst incident I encountered  was when a group of boys pinned me down in the playground and tried to scrub off my makeup to see what was underneath, It was an horrific experience which has stayed with me until well into  Adulthood.

It was about the age of 10 when I began to take responsibility for my makeup myself  so used to spend hours in my bedroom with Veil and powder and blushers  I became very adapt at covering my whole face with minimum on the “good” side and maximum coverage on the “bad” side. I have never looked back. I still got asked questions and I just shrugged my shoulders and casually said I have a Birthmark.

Senior School brought other problems with confrontations with teachers because I had become so proficient  at applying  Veil and had mastered the art of blending with my normal makeup my birthmark was almost undetectable so the teacher thought I was flouting the no make up policy and despite several visits from my Dad and Drs letters nothing seemed to deter the teachers from picking on me. ”oh how times and attitudes have changed” .

I was never short of boyfriends and I was a very confident Teenager , I got married young had children young  and my Birthmark although a nuisance wasn’t much of a problem, my first Husband got used to it and it was only when our marriage failed  he was very verbally  abusive to my new partner about my birthmark well he already knew and was, and has always been very supportive to the point on insisting I go out with him without makeup ,which is still a real challenge he says I am more beautiful without makeup even now and we have been married  for 30 years.

I had extensive laser treatment in 1988 through to 2002 and although the results were initially good and the mark was more even and slightly faded , it has all come back and is even darker than before.

I have used Veil after all the Laser procedures and continued to use it albeit a lesser amount  throughout .I will not go through it again it was expensive and painful.

I do not know what I would have done without Veil it has enabled  me to live life to the full. Marry, have children , have a customer facing job . Photos are never a problem and unless I tell people no one ever guesses I have a birthmark.

It has taken years to be comfortable in my skin , my motto is never look back only look forward.

The ugly situations I encountered in my life have only made me stronger and the person I am today.

I have also helped many people :-Mums with babies with birthmarks, Brides  hiding tattoos for there big day and guys needing to wear short sleeved shirts for corporate golf days where tattoos were not appropriate. All were so grateful for my help.



Sue Before Veil Cover CreamSue After Veil Cover Cream

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