What Is The Difference Between The Original and The New Shade Veil Demonstration Kits?

When it comes to our Demonstration Kits we find they are the ideal product for makeup artists, cosmetic enthusiasts and of course skin camouflage specialists as they are both compact in book style palette form and contain a whole variety of colours, ideal if you are working with various skin tones. We currently have two versions available to purchase, Original and New Shade. Many people aren’t too sure on which one to go for or what the difference is between the two so we thought we’d  explain the difference.  Firstly both kits come with twenty different Cover Cream shades. These are housed in what we call medallions and they come complete with screw off lids to ensure good hygiene and to keep the cream in tip top condition. As well as the camouflage product you also get a medallion of finishing powder to help you complete the look and increase wear time of the Cover Cream.

The Original board contains our Translucent powder, ideal for all skin tones whereas the New Shade board contains our Dusk finishing powder. This powder has a slight tint to it, making it ideal for those with dark toned skin or those who have tanned. Our New shade contains the shades Cream, Wheat, Vanilla, Natural Light, Suede, Biscuit, Oyster, Almond, Honey, Sunglow, Beige, Caramel, Cinnamon, Latte, Oak, Hazelnut, Chestnut, Fudge, Coffee and Toffee. All the shades are flesh coloured ranging from light to dark. The Original board contains the shades Natural, Natural Medium, Dark, Suntan, Natural Tan, Peach, Tan, No. 3, Ebony, Umber, Medium, Rose, Yellow, No. 2, Green, Mauve, Brown, Mocha, Olive and White. These shades are a mixture of light to dark flesh colours and colour correcting shades which are designed to tackle things like redness, sallowness and blue undertones in the skin.

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