What Veil Cover Cream Shade Am I?

Many people often ask us the question “What Veil Cover Cream Shade Am I?”  We do not like to recommend shades as our range is so large (we have over 40 different colours!) We unfortunately do not currently offer a skin colour shade matching service however, we do have three sample kits in our product range that are available to purchase. These come in the shades Light, Medium and Dark. Each kit contains twelve different shades of product and our two finishing powders in Translucent and Dusk to help set the camouflage cream. The idea of our kits is that you are able to test out our Cover Cream in the comfort of your own home and find a shade which matches your skin tone. To find your shade you simply pop a very small amount of cream onto the area that you wish to cover and blend into your skin. Once you find a shade that looks natural and you are happy with your results, you can then go on to purchase one of our full size Cover Cream jars with ease knowing that your shade choice will work for you.

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