Jenny Shares Her Positive Experience Using Veil Cover Cream To Conceal Her Acne Scars

Very recently we received a lovely email from a customer called Jenny. Jenny uses Veil Cover Cream to conceal her Acne scars and has been using Veil for an impressive 15 years. Here is what she had to say:

“Dear Veil, Just want to thank you for creating such a excellent
cover cream. It has literally changed my life, day to day – which is the
best kind of change when it’s to good effect. I had years and years (and
more years) of acne, which changed my life from day to day in the worst way.
Your products have helped my confidence two-fold: a) with scar coverage and
b) accurate skin tone match – a hard thing to find when you’re of dark olive
complexion. Just wanted to say thanks for the last 15 years of being better
able to face the world! Yours sincerely, Jenny.”

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