Veil Cover Cream Featured On Chocolate and Lipstick

Recently beauty  and lifestyle blogger Angela from Chocolate and Lipstick shared her thoughts on Veil Cover Cream and the new Veil Sample Kit in Light. Angela used the camouflage cream to conceal and hide her tattoo. To see Angela’s results and her full post, head over to Chocolate and Lipstick.

She said:

If you need to cover any tattoos (for work/any special occasions) or because you have skin concerns (for a full list, click here), I strongly recommend Veil Cover Cream. It allows your skin to breathe, whilst being moisturising, covers effectively, and its longevity stands the test of time. A true camouflage cream.


If you’d like to try out our sample kit for yourself and find your perfect Veil Cover Cream shade match, you can purchase your own here on our website for just £7.95.

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