3 Occasions When You Might Need The Veil Tattoo Kit

When it comes to tattoos we are certainly fans of the pretty, bold and often unique art work and believe everyone should be able to express themselves. However, we understand that there may be times in your life where you may wish to cover up and conceal your tattoo. We have a range of tattoo camouflage products to help with this. Whether you wish to cover up your ink for a one off occasion or you want to conceal more regularly, our products can certainly get the job done. Ever wondered when you might need or want the Veil Tattoo Kit? Below is a list of occasions where you might want or need to use the Veil Tattoo Kit:


Some brides decide that their tattoos are there to stay on their big day whilst others choose to cover up their tattoos up. There really is no right or wrong, after all, it is your wedding and you should be as comfortable and as happy as possible. If you are a bride-t0-be and want to hide your ink, our Tattoo Camouflage Kit is ideal for you. The kit contains all the products you need to prep your skin with and of course it also contains the cream and powder to cover your tats. Our cover cream gives a high coverage and natural finish so it’ll look as though your ink was never there.

Job Interview Or When In The Working Environment

Applying for a new job can be a daunting process and when you get through to the interview stage you really want to let your skills and personality shine through so you can bag the job you are after. Although we agree that everyone should be open minded and accepting of body art, unfortunately some companies and business sectors frown upon having your tattoos on display. So whether you are a teacher, cruise ship worker or any other professional who may have to cover up, our products can help you.

To Conceal A Tattoo That You Regret

Having ink that you are not fond of is not fun in the slightest but fear not, we are hear to help. If you are someone who regrets their tat or you have a tat that went wrong, Veil Cover Cream can hide and conceal your art work so that it is no longer visible. Our products are effective and a much more affordable and painless alternative to pricey laser removal.

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