5 Uses For The Veil Witch Hazel Cream

1. Prevents blemishes

The Veil Witch Hazel Cream is a natural astringent which means that it has the ability to remove excess oil from the skin and temporarily shrinks the pores. During day to day life our skin is exposed to lots of environmental pollutants. These pollutants enter our skin via our pores and in many cases end up blocking the pores and causing breakouts and blemishes. These can be in the form of pustules (pus filled spots) or comedones (blackheads) Also it isn’t just pollutants that block our pores, Sebum, the skins natural oily substance that keeps our skin waterproof can also cause pores to become blocked and blemishes to occur. The way Veil Witch Hazel Cream works to prevent blemishes is by removing excess oil which in turn helps to remove the build up in the pores.

2. Helps to improve puffiness around the eyes

The second use for our Witch Hazel Cream is to use it to reduce puffiness around the eye area. Lots of us suffer from this issue and our product can certainly help. The cream is a natural remedy for treating discolouration as well as puffiness under and around the eyes. However, we do recommend being extremely careful when applying around the area as the eyes are very delicate and sensitive. If you do unfortunately get product in your eye, we recommend rinsing thoroughly with clean water and contacting your GP for further assistance.

3. Soothes sunburn, bites and stings

Quite possibly the post popular use for our Witch Hazel Cream is to use it on Sunburn, Bites and Stings. This is particularly useful when you are on holiday so be sure to pop a tub in your suitcase, just in case. The way the cream works is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to reduce any swelling. The cream also helps to ease the pain of stings and bites and also helps to stop any itching.

4. Helps to improve the look of bruising

As well as helping to improve sunburn, bites and stings, the cream can even help to improve the look of bruising. It does so, again due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to fade the discolouration and appearance of bruising but it also helps to speed up the underlying damage to the skin that you cannot see.

5. Great to use after hair removal

And last but not least you can use the product after hair removal. But what does it do you ask? Well if you experience nicks and cuts after shaving, the cream can help to slow down and eventually stop bleeding. Not only that but it can prevent razor burn and it can also be applied to the skin after hot wax treatments to prevent inflammation.

If you wish to purchase a tub of our Witch Hazel Cream it is available to order here on our website and retails at £7.00 for 100g.

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