How To Increase The Wear Time Of Veil Cover Cream

Although our Cover Cream has pretty great lasting power on its own, as Summer approaches we want our camouflage to really last through the warm weather and even when we go abroad on holiday to hotter climates. We find there are two excellent ways of ensuring that we get the absolute maximum wear time possible out of our camouflage product. These ways are:

Use Cleanser and Toning Lotion Before Application

Before applying your Veil Cover Cream you should ensure that your skin is nice and clean but also free from any oily residue. To do this we highly recommend applying the Veil Cleansing Cream all over the area that you wish to conceal and cleaning the skin. This will ensure that the area is free from any other product and is nice and clean. The second and arguably the most crucial step is to apply the Veil Toning Lotion to the skin. We recommend doing this by popping a little on a cotton pad and applying in circular motions. Although this product increases the product wear time, it is also a nice refresher for the skin. In the warmer weather you can even pop your bottle of toning lotion in the fridge for an extra cool skin refresh. By applying toning lotion you are removing any remaining cleanser as well as any oily residue that may be on the skin. This will prevent the Cover Cream from budging and will also create a good base for the product. It is also worth mentioning that moisturiser should not be applied underneath Veil Cover Cream as this will interfere with longevity. However, if applying moisturiser is an absolute essential step for you, be sure to apply approximately half an hour to an hour prior to applying your skin camouflage to ensure that the product is fully absorbed into your skin.

Apply Power On Top Of Your Cover Cream To Set Your Camouflage

On its own Veil Cover Cream will perform well on your skin, however, applying  Veil Finishing Powder helps to make the cream last that extra bit longer. By applying powder over the top of your camouflaged area, you set the area. In doing this you make the cream virtually budge proof and smudge proof. Not only that but you also make the cream waterproof meaning that you can go swimming without the worry of your Veil Cover Cream coming off. Once out of the pool simply pat yourself dry and reapply a fresh layer of powder to the area to keep everything in tip top condition.

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