August 2015

3 Skin Camouflage Myths Debunked 11/08/2015
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3 Skin Camouflage Myths Debunked

1. “You Can Only Use Skin Camouflage Products To Hide Birthmarks and Spots” – FALSE Skin Camouflage products can be used to hide and conceal a whole variety of skin conditions, not just Birthmarks and Spots/Blemishes. Camouflage Creams can be used to conceal Scars, Thread Veins, Vitiligo, Pigmentation Marks, Tattoos and a whole host of other skin conditions. Skin Camouflage can even be used as a full coverage concealer to hide the odd blemish, under eye circles and can also be used to achieve a really high coverage, flawless finish.... Read More

Why We Love Veil Cover Cream (And So Should You!) 10/08/2015
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Why We Love Veil Cover Cream (And So Should You!)

Here at Thomas Blake Cosmetic Creams Ltd we absolutely LOVE our product, Veil Cover Cream. Why you ask? Well simply because it is amazing. Veil Cover Cream is a highly pigmented cream that can easily be blended into the skin to match your skin tone thanks to our 40 colour shade range. The cream is excellent for giving the skin a flawless high coverage finish but it it those with noticeable skin conditions that Veil is arguably most useful to. Because of Veil Cover Cream people are able to hide... Read More