February 2016

3 Ways To Apply Veil Cover Cream 24/02/2016
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3 Ways To Apply Veil Cover Cream

When it comes to applying Veil Cover Cream there are various methods to apply. Below are three of our favourite methods to achieve the best application possible. Using your Finger Tips The first and most popular method of applying Veil Cover Cream is to use your finger tips. For this step we highly, highly recommend washing your hands thoroughly and ensuring that they are free from as much bacteria as possible. This not only stops germs from spreading but also prevents the risk of breakouts, blemishes and spots from occurring.... Read More

Why The Veil Cover Cream Sample Kit Is Essential 23/02/2016

Why The Veil Cover Cream Sample Kit Is Essential

When it comes to trying out Veil Cover Cream for the first time we highly recommend purchasing one of our Veil Cover Cream Sample Kits which retail at £7.95. Our sample kits are currently available in three shades, Light, Medium and Dark. In each kit, you receive twelve shade samples of Veil Cover Cream as well as two powder samples in Translucent and Dusk which all come housed in a handy blister style pack along with instructions on how to apply. Why do we create sample kits and why is purchasing... Read More