March 2016

Facial Scar Cover Up With Veil Cover Cream 31/03/2016
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Facial Scar Cover Up With Veil Cover Cream

Fiona uses Veil to conceal her facial scar. Here are Fiona’s thoughts: “Used Veil cream and the powder to conceal a scar on my face from a mole removal done 3 weeks ago. I asked a few people who didn’t know I had had surgery if they could see anything and they said they couldn’t . There is enough colours available to match any skin colour and the powder helped to keep the cream in place all day. I ordered a sample pack of another brand and although they have... Read More

Sheonagh Gets Great Coverage With Veil Cover Cream 30/03/2016
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Sheonagh Gets Great Coverage With Veil Cover Cream

Sheonagh shares her thoughts on Veil Cover Cream and leaves us a five star review: “I have made several orders to Veil now and they never disappoint. They have a an easy online ordering system and prompt delivery service. The product’s are fantastic and worth every penny. I get great coverage for problem skin. The cover cream leaves me feeling confident……thank you Veil!”

John Covers His Shin Bone Mark With Veil Cover Cream 29/03/2016
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John Covers His Shin Bone Mark With Veil Cover Cream

Here is what John had to say about Veil Cover Cream: “Prompt service ,with a quality product pity I didn’t know sooner as it really does work. I have a mark on my leg on the shin bone I’ve had it for years,but Veil colour creams makes the mark disappear ,in which it lasts all day ,wearing shorts which I do a lot allows me to feel at ease and stops the boring comment what’s that mark on your leg. Great product thanks Veil”

Maz Tries The Veil Sample Kit 28/03/2016
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Maz Tries The Veil Sample Kit

Here is what Maz thought of the Veil Cover Cream Sample Kit: “I bought the Veil cream cover kit in light. I was rather sceptical as to it working but was very happy with the results. It stayed put longer than all the other creams I’ve tried. The kit gives you a good variety of shades so you can mix them to get the perfect match. I will now be ordering the full size peach as this shade matches my skin perfectly. Buy the sample kit and give it a... Read More

Varicose Vein Cover Up 27/03/2016
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Varicose Vein Cover Up

Linda tells us what she thinks of Veil Cover Cream: “Hi I am very pleased with the outcome of the Veil samples that I ordered from you, and shall be making an order for the product. I thought the cost of the samples were very reasonable, and the speed of delivery good. I use Veil on my ankle, and part of my leg to hide varicose veins, and will now feel more confident this summer in wearing cropped trousers, dresses and skirts. Thank you.”

Laura Thinks Veil Is Worth Every Penny 26/03/2016
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Laura Thinks Veil Is Worth Every Penny

Here are Laura’s thoughts on Veil Cover Cream: “I have rosacea on my checks and have found veil cream the best there is to cover the redness. I don’t fight the redness anymore I use a small amount of foundation and the rose veil cream to cover the blotchy red patches. It’s worth every penny to me and it only takes me 10 minutes to do my make up now. Thank you.”

Helen Says Veil Cover Cream Works 24/03/2016
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Helen Says Veil Cover Cream Works

Here is what our customer Helen had to say about Veil Cover Cream: “Bought a sample kit to cover a harmless protruding lump on my ankle which is very red against my fair skin. Applied the cream as directed and set with the translucent powder. Very easy to do and the results were great. The lump now being the same colour as the rest of my skin appeared dramatically diminished. Best of all though this was tested out in the morning before going on a “Pamper Day” – Swimming, Jacuzzi,... Read More

Vein Cover Up 23/03/2016
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Vein Cover Up

Sally leaves her thoughts after trying out Veil Cover Cream: “I wish I had discovered this creme years ago. I use it mainly to hide red vein patches on my ankles. It is a very good thing in itself that one starts the process with the purchase of a sampling pack. The best colour for me proved to be the last one I expected! It is also so useful to be able to blend colours, especially taking into account how the colour of one’s own skin changes in summer.”

Rosacea Cover Up 22/03/2016
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Rosacea Cover Up

Check out Christopher’s five star review of Veil Cover Cream: “I got this foundation and powder in an attempt to cover up rosacea (involuntary blushing mainly on face but often red blotches on chest and neck also). This make up has worked a treat and I am feeling so much better about myself. I ordered the sample kit and after a few days had found my perfect match ( I got about 2-3 applications per sample colour) so I now use that and the powder. Very pleased, performs well and... Read More