Makeup To Hide Tattoos

Many tattoos out there are works of art. Some people get tattoos as memorial pieces for loved ones or pieces that means something to them while others get tattoos purely because they like the design. Tattoos are a a great form of expression but there may come a time in your life when you want to use makeup to cover tattoos. For example:

  • You may have ink that you no longer like the look of or the ink that you had tattooed was poorly designed (read our top tips for concealing tattoos blog post for helpful advice on how to effectively get the best finish and cover possible.)
  • You wish to hide your ink for a wedding or special occasion.
  • You have an upcoming job interview, work event or professional function that has a strict “no tattoos allowed” policy (check out our how to cover tattoos for work blog post for tips and tricks on using tattoo makeup)

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if you can use makeup to cover tattoos or wondering where you can get your hands on a tattoo concealer, we have a range of products to hide tattoos.

If you are new to covering tattoos using makeup, the Tattoo Camouflage Kit is the best product to start with. This kit contains everything you need to cover up tattoos. Inside you’ll find five different shades of high coverage concealer. There are three skin tone coloured shades (If you opt for the kit in Light you’ll receive the colours Oyster, Honey and Suede and if you go for the Dark kit you’ll receive the shades Tan, No 3 and Brown) The other shades you’ll receive are White and Green, regardless of which kit you choose. The shade white can be mixed with the other shades to lighten each colour and the Green shade works fantastically at counteracting red tones in the skin. Also in the kit you get a 10g finishing powder, this is what sets the cover cream concealer making it last longer and gives it a natural looking, matte, waterproof finish. Also in the kit you get a 30g cleansing cream and 30ml toning lotion which are used for both prepping the skin and for removing the tattooo makeup concealer at the end of the day. Finally in the kit you’ll find an empty jar for mixing creams together, 2 spatulas, 4 cotton pads, a free powder brush for applying your finishing powder and a free zip bag to keep all your products inside.

Below are some before and after images of those who have used Veil makeup to hide tattoos:

Cover Up For Tattoos Before and After


Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Before and After
Makeup To Hide Tatoos Before and After


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