5 Interesting Facts About Veil Cover Cream

1. Veil Cover Cream & all other Veil products are handmade in the United Kingdom

All products in the Veil range are made by hand by our experienced production team in Burnopfield, Count Durham. We follow the original manufacturing process that was created by our founder as it is what makes our products so effective. We use simple raw materials that have been sourced in the UK to create our products and non of our products have been tested on animals.

2. Veil Cover Cream has been around since 1952

Veil Cover Cream came about in 1952 when Mr Thomas Blake our founder came up with the recipe. Mr Thomas Blake was a forward thinking cosmetic chemist who was asked by a surgeon to develop a product that could conceal post-operative scars. Mr Thomas Blake then created Veil Cover Cream which was an immediate success in the then new remedial makeup industry.

3. We started out with three shades, Natural, Medium and Dark

Back in 1952 there were only three shades of Veil Cover Cream available which were Natural, Medium and Dark. Brown and Yellow were soon after added to the range and the rest of our shades followed. We now have over 40 different colours to match a whole variety of skin tones.

4. Veil Cover Cream isn’t just for covering Birthmarks, Tattoos and Vitiligo

Our high coverage concealer can also be used to conceal things like dark circles, blushing and blemishes. Because our product contains more pigment in comparison to your standard highstreet concealer it means that you get better results by using less product than you would normally apply. Veil can cover up a whole range of skin conditions including more prominent conditions as well as “minor” skin concerns.

5. Our products are available to purchase Worldwide

We don’t have any physical shops that stock Veil products however, our products are available to buy worldwide via the internet. Here on Veil Cover Cream we ship to many, many countries. We also have our Veil Cover Cream The Netherlands distributor for those in Holland and the surrounding areas. And we also have our Veil Cover Cream Australia distributor for those down under and nearby.

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