Granuloma Concealer

What is Granuloma?

Granulomas are quite common skin growths that are normally round, small and blood red in colour. They often bleed due to containing a large number of blood vessels. Granulomas usually occur in young adults and children but they can develop in people of all ages. Granulomas are particularly common in pregnant women as the hormone change can trigger these growths to develop. Other names for Granulomas include lobular capillary hemangioma and granuloma telangiectaticum. Granulomas commonly appear on the hands, fingers, arms, neck and face. They can also appear on the lips, back, eyelids and genitals.

What causes Granulomas?

Granulomas often start off as a lesion that rapidly grows for a few weeks. The granulomas appear as reddish, raised nodules that are approximately smaller than 2 centimeters in size. The growth may be smooth or crusty but they particularly bleed a lot. If you suspect you may have a granuloma you should consult your GP who will be able to ensure you whether or not it is benign (noncancerous) Most granulomas are benign and can be caused by a number of things such as medication, bug bites, scratches and hormonal changes.

Granuloma Treatment

There are a number of treatments for granulomas including lightly cauterizing the area, laser removal and chemical removal. However, some granulomas don’t require any treatment as they can disappear on their own. Granulomas can however be a cosmetic concern for some people. If you’re self conscious over the appearance you may wish to use Veil Cover Cream high coverage concealer to conceal the redness. Veil will not improve the raised texture of granulomas however, it will greatly improve the colour thanks to the high pigment content of the product.

This is what our customer Patricia had to say about using Veil Cover Cream:

“I have a skin condition called Granuloma. It is on my arms and hands, even in hot weather I had to wear a long sleeve blouse to cover it up. But having used Veil Cove Cream I know once applied I can relax knowing it will stay covered. Thanks for a great product.”

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