Veil Cover Cream Is A Long Lasting Concealer

Because Veil Cover Cream contains more pigment in comparison to the average high street concealer, not only does it provide the skin with excellent coverage, it is also a great long lasting concealer. When applied correctly and blended thoroughly into the skin, Veil Cover Cream should stay in place throughout the day, maintaining its flawless yet natural looking finish. Veil Cover Cream is even waterproof meaning that you can swim whilst wearing the camouflage makeup. To enhance the wear time of your full coverage concealer further, we recommend applying a light dusting of Veil Finishing Powder. This gives the finish a matte appearance, eliminates shine and keeps the cream concealer in place for longer.  Check out what our customer Tessa had to say about the full coverage high wearing concealer, Veil Cover Cream:

“Excellent cover up for all blemishes and scars. Quite thick but you can put your own foundation over the top and it just blends. Waterproof and lasts for hours. Good value as a little bit goes a long way. Would really recommend this product.”


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