June 2016

Veil Cover Cream is a high coverage makeup product designed to cover up and conceal birthmarks including strawberry birthmarks and port wine stains, vitiligo, scars, scarring, keloid scars, pigmentation marks, xanthelasma, melasma, acne, spots, blemishes, redness, rosacea, cafe au lait spots, broken capillaries, spider veins. varicose veins, raynaud's, redness, blushing and more. 30/06/2016
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Broken Capillaries Concealer

Broken capillaries appear on the skin when the blood vessels within the skin become visible near the surface of the skin. These spider veins can appear either red or blue in colour. They occur when the walls of the veins narrow and then widen suddenly which can sometimes cause breakage. What causes these spider veins to appear? But what causes this to happen? Well, there are a number of things. If you experience trauma where the blood vessels rupture, then spider veins can occur. For example, if you’ve had some... Read More

This is an image of an individual in a pool wearing a large hat. 28/06/2016
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How To Protect The Skin From Sun

Why We Need To Protect Our Skin: The skin is the body’s largest organ. It covers the entire body and provides the body with a protective barrier. Because our skin plays such a vital role, it is extremely important that we take care of it. One thing that can really damage the skin is the ultraviolet rays. These rays come from the sun and come in two different forms. The first is UVA. Ultraviolet A is what causes the majority of sunburn. The second is UVB. Ultraviolet B is what... Read More

A photograph of a lady who has a facial mole 27/06/2016
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Mole Concealer

Moles are coloured spots that appear on the skin which are made up of cells that produce pigment in the skin. These pigmented spots are often brown in colour. However, some moles can appear darker or of a similar colour to the skins natural tone. Moles can be raised or flat, smooth or rough and are normally either circular or oval-shaped. Quite often moles change their appearance. This often occurs during the teenage years, during pregnancy or when we get older. Sometimes moles even fade away without you realising. So... Read More

This is an image of Veil products including the Veil Colour Matching Kit, Veil Finishing Powder and Veil Cover Cream. Veil Cover Cream is a high coverage camouflage concealer designed to cover and conceal a range of skin conditions such as acne, vitiligo, rosacea, scarring, xanthelasma and more. For best results apply makeup in thin layers. 24/06/2016
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Skin Lesion Concealer

Skin Lesions are areas of skin that have an abnormal appearance in comparison to the surrounding areas of skin. There are two types of skin lesion. Primary skin lesions are skin conditions that appear at birth or over a person’s lifetime. Secondary skin lesions are the result of an irritated primary skin lesion. Primary skin lesions include Birthmarks, Rashes, Blisters, Freckles, Moles and Nodules (Solid raised lesions.) Secondary skin lesions include Scabs, Scrapes, Scarring and Ulcers. When it comes to skin lesions there are different treatments available depending on the type... Read More

Veil Toning Lotion 22/06/2016

3 Great Uses For The Veil Toning Lotion

Veil Toning Lotion is a great underrated product. The product has a liquid formula that can easily be applied to the skin simply by popping a few drops onto a cotton pad and gently rubbing over the skin’s surface. The product is beautifully scented with Witch Hazel and Rose Water and has multiple uses. So what can you use the product for? Cool and refresh the skin with Veil Toning Lotion The first thing Veil Toning Lotion can do is both cool and refresh the skin. Because of this, the product is ideal... Read More

How To Increase Makeup Wear Time In Warmer Weather 21/06/2016
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How To Increase Makeup Wear Time In Warmer Weather

Now that the Summer is officially upon us here in the UK, the warmer weather will soon enough arrive (fingers crossed!) Many people will also be beginning to jet off at this time of year in search of hotter climates for a well deserved break. As much as we enjoy sunning it up we understand that the warmer weather can annoyingly decrease the wear time of our makeup. We know many other people have this problem so below we have put together our top tips for increasing makeup wear time... Read More

Stretch Mark Concealer Cover Up 20/06/2016

Stretch Mark Concealer Cover Up

Recently we received some great feedback from a young lady who recently tried out Veil Cover Cream. The lady has very kindly allowed us to share her feedback along with her before and after images of her Stretch Mark cover up but wished to stay anonymous. Here’s what the young girl had to say: “This message is just a massive thank you for basically giving me my confidence back. I’m 17 and my body is absolutely covered in stretch marks and I have a holiday with my friends this summer which I... Read More

3 Reasons Why Veil Cover Cream Is The Best Concealer 19/06/2016

3 Reasons Why Veil Cover Cream Is The Best Concealer

1. Veil Cover Cream Is Handmade In The UK All Veil Cover Cream products are made by our team of highly skilled manufacturing staff in County Durham. Products are made by hand to ensure the best possible quality control and to ensure that Veil Cover Cream sticks to the original recipe and formula that was created by our talented founder Mr Thomas Blake who was a forward thinking and inspired cosmetic chemist. All ingredients that we use to make our products are sourced from within the UK and are to of a very... Read More

Mongolian Spots Concealer 18/06/2016

Mongolian Spots Concealer

Mongolian Spots are birthmarks that appear during birth or soon after. These birthmarks are often a blue-grey colour which often leads to them being mistaken for bruises. These birthmark spots can vary in size from person to person but they commonly appear on the back or the buttocks however, they can also appear on the limbs. Mongolian Spots rarely appear on the scalp or face but there have been cases when this has occurred. In terms of the cause, Mongolian Spots are said to develop in the womb. These birthmarks... Read More

Cafe Au Lait Spots Concealer 17/06/2016

Cafe Au Lait Spots Concealer

Cafe Au Lait Spots are flat birthmarks that are often light brown in colour. Cafe Au Lait Spots can vary in size. Some people have large lesions whereas others have quite small lesions. In terms of the cause of the birthmarks, Cafe Au Lait spots tend to appear during birth but they can also develop during infancy. Quite a few children have one or two Cafe Au Lait spots that are caused when pigment producing cells collect together, these lesions are harmless. Other children have quite a few Cafe Au... Read More