Uneven Skintone Concealer

What Is An Uneven Skintone?

An uneven skin tone is pretty self explanatory, it is when the skin tone is uneven. This means that the colour of the skin could differ or it could even be blotchy. The cause of an uneven skin tone could be down to a number of things such as hormones, sun spots, hyper pigmentation, scarring or general discolouration. When in the sun for too long the skin can develop freckles which can cause areas of the skin to look darker in areas. Women who are pregnant, taking contraceptive pills or using hormone treatments can also develop darker patches on the skin. Even environmental factors can contribute to uneven skintones. Many men and women from all around the world suffer from the common skin condition and whilst an uneven skin tone doesn’t normally require medical treatment, it can cause confidence issues for the person with complexion discolouration. If you have recently noticed you skin tone is uneven and you aren’t sure what is causing it, we highly recommend making an appointment with your GP who will be able to establish the cause and offer further advice and support.

Uneven Skintone Treatment:

When it comes to treating an uneven skintone there is no quick fix. General advice says that to treat and even prevent an uneven skin tone we should simply look after our skin. This means keeping it hydrated by consuming water as well as keeping it protected from sun damage by using SPF and sun lotions. If you are looking to temporarily conceal and cover up your uneven skin tone to attend a special event/function or even to boost your confidence, Veil Cover Cream is a brilliant Uneven Skintone Concealer. Because of the highly pigmented formula of the cream, Veil Cover Cream can easily be applied to the skin to create a natural looking even skin tone. The product is available in over 40 shades to suit a variety of different skin colours.

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