Blushing Concealer

Blushing is when the face, neck, ears or chest become red without you being able to control it. Blushing is most commonly caused by a strong emotion such as embarrassment. However, it can also be caused by stress. When blushing occurs the skin can also feel hot. The reason why blushing occurs is because when a strong emotion triggers, the nervous system is stimulated. This then results in the blood vessels widening and an increase in blood flow to the vessels just beneath the skin which causes the skin to turn red.

Although blushing caused by an emotional trigger is very common, other conditions can also cause blushing. Anxiety disorders, rosacea, the menopause and other hormonal changes can all trigger blushing and skin redness. Even certain medications, alcohol, hot drinks, hot or spicy foods, extreme weather conditions and exercise can trigger a colour change in the skin. If you’re worried about your blushing we suggest talking to your GP.

Although blushing cannot be cured there are treatments available to help control blushing. For example, there are certain medications available. There are also different types of counselling and therapy to help with the underlying causes. Speaking with a medical professional can really help. They can offer further advice and support. This can help you deal with your blushing as it can cause many to feel self-conscious, anxious and embarrassed.

Veil Cover Cream is a great blushing concealer

This is a photograph of a Veil Colour Matching Kit, a product designed to help you find your perfect shade of full coverage concealer.

If you’re looking to disguise your blushing Veil Cover Cream, a highly pigmented concealer can help to cover up the red appearance. It’s the perfect blushing concealer. Veil Cover Cream is a very soft and easy to blend product that can cover up conditions that normal concealers struggle to camouflage. The concealer is available in over 50 different shades. This means that there are shades for all skin tones. The product not only covers up blushing but it also boosts confidence. To find your perfect colour match we recommend purchasing a Colour Matching Kit. This kit allows you to select the right shade for you in the comfort of your own home. For more information on skin redness, check out the NHS article on Rosacea and the rarer condition Erythromelalgia.

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