Inspirational People: Yulianna Yussef

Yulianna Yussef is a young lady who was born with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, a type of birthmark. This kind of birthmark develops when the pigment cells do no develop as they should. This means that instead of distributing evenly into the skin, the cells develop in large groups. When Yulianna was a child she was sadly bullied due to her skin condition. She was called horrible names such as “Dalmatian” and “Cow” However, today Yulianna Yussef wants to end the stigma surrounding skin conditions.

She told Metro “I’m using my Facebook and Instagram accounts to share my thoughts about CMN. People have reacted very well and some of them who have CMN are really grateful because they say they’ve become more confident. And now some of them are posting their photos under the hashtag too.” Many people have reacted to Yulianna’s photos with many stating that she has made them feel proud of their own skin.

Today the 22-year-old continues to post body-positive photos on Instagram, with inspiring captions such as: “I was born different. You were born different. We are all born different. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.” She tags the images #bareyourbirthmark and encourages her 31,000 followers to do the same.

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