Inspirational People: Aiesha Robinson

Aiesha Robinson is a lady who was diagnosed with the condition Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition that causes white patches to develop on the skin due to the body mistakenly attacking healthy cells which produce the skin’s pigment Melanin. Others with the condition include Winnie Harlow, Laiea WalshApril Star and Tanesha Brown. When first diagnosed with the condition Aisha was devastated but today she is determined to help others with Vitiligo. She told the CT News Montreal: “I had a small white dot my right thumb, I was already self-conscious and I had already had low self-esteem, so to add this to the pile… it wasn’t a great time, no. Walking down the streets and you have people staring at you and making negative comments, it’s something entirely different.”

After Aiesha’s brother convinced her that her life was just beginning she founded Born To Rise, a non-profit support group that has evolved into a place for other people with Vitiligo to speak out. When Aiesha first developed Vitiligo she felt devastated however having recently signed a modelling contract and spoken at World Vitiligo Day to a crowd in Washington D.C. she has found her strength. Aisha said: “We all are going through something in our lives. We are all born to rise, in the sense that you weren’t born to be a failure. You were born to overcome whatever adversity it is.”


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