Inspirational People: Giorgia Piscina

Giorgia Piscina is a young Australian lady who recently revealed that she was born with a birthmark that covers half of her face. Giorgia was born in England but moved to Australia when she was 8 years old. Giorgia trained as a gymnast, was a competitive cheerleader and also competed as a bikini model. Giorgia also recently competed for a $250,000 one-year contract with wrestling entertainment company WWE after being selected for the US reality TV show WWE Tough Enough. According to Giorgia first spotted the opportunity after it was posted on Facebook. She said “When I saw it I thought hell yeah, I’m interested. That involves everything I’ve done — the gymnastics, the cheerleading, performing on stage with modelling — all of them brought together would make me the ideal WWE Diva. When I saw the opportunity I thought this really makes sense. I do believe everything happens for a reason so when I saw it I thought ‘this is calling me’.”

However, Giorgia hasn’t always been so confident. She recently shared an image on her Instagram account revealing a birthmark. On her post, Giorgia said “I was born with a birthmark that covers pretty much the whole left side of my cheek…it’s affected my life in a major way. Growing up I had to deal with all sorts of comments. This affected me so much that I had to go to counselling and eventually forced my parents into trying to find a solution. They researched the best laser surgery in England and we tried several times to remove it. Nothing worked. So I tried the next best thing…make-up. I found the best camouflage guru in our area and we sat down and she taught me the long 40 minute step by step process on how to “hide” my mark.”

Today Giorgia accepts her birthmark, is much more confident and has a bright future ahead.





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