November 2016


Amy Elsegood Shares Her First Makeup Tutorial Video

Amy Elsegood is a young lady from Ripon, North Yorkshire who was born with a Port Wine Stain birthmark which covers almost half of her face. Amy came to Veil Cover Cream for a camouflage cover match when she was 7 years old and said “I tried other camouflage make up, but none of them were as natural, some took longer to apply and even longer to set. With Veil Cover Cream, I can apply in minutes, it provides full coverage and it will last me all day. Even going on holiday, once... Read More

Can Moles Be Concealed With Veil Cover Cream? 09/11/2016

Can Moles Be Concealed With Veil Cover Cream?

Moles are colour spots on the skin which are made up of cells called melanocytes which produce the skin’s colour/pigment known as melanin. Moles are often brown in colour but some can appear either skin coloured or darker. Moles can vary in size and texture with some being raised and others being flat. Sometimes people wish to conceal the appearance of moles due to personal choice. This is fine, however, moles can change in appearance as times goes on so it is best to keep an eye out for any... Read More

Inspirational People: Nicholas Nikiforou 08/11/2016

Inspirational People: Nicholas Nikiforou

Nicholas Nikiforou is a nine-year-old artist from Weston-Super-Mare. Nicholas was born with a facial birthmark called a large Congenital Melanocytic Nevus. This type of birthmark is said to be caused by an increase in pigment-producing cells. Cells then cluster together and form moles. Congenital Melanocytic Nevus is said to affect 1 in 500,000 people. Nicholas had his Congenital Melanocytic Nevus birthmark removed successfully and was first treated by Bryan Mayou at the Cadogan Clinic when he was a baby. After the procedure, Nicholas was left with scarring. Earlier this year Nicholas beat off hundreds... Read More

Inspirational People: Sam Plumridge 07/11/2016

Inspirational People: Sam Plumridge

Sam Plumridge is a lady who was born with a Port Wine Stain birthmark. After years of bullying, Sam feared that she would never find love. However, Sam met her now husband, Paul Plumridge. Sam told The Mirror: “If someone turned around to me five years ago and said I’d be married with two kids before I was 30, I’d have laughed. I thought because of the birthmark, everyone was going to judge me, and I wouldn’t find love but that’s not the case. In fact, on the night before... Read More

What Is A Strawberry Birthmark? 06/11/2016

What Is A Strawberry Birthmark?

A Strawberry Birthmark, also known as a Haemangioma, is a collection of blood vessels under the skin that forms a lump. There are two forms of Strawberry Birthmark. The first is a Superficial Haemangioma which is a raised red area of skin. The second is a Deep Haemangioma which is a blue coloured birthmark as the blood vessels are deeper in the skin. According to the Birthmark Support Group one in ten babies have a Haemangioma, the birthmark is more common in girls, multiple births, premature babies and low birth weight... Read More

What Are Cafe Au Lait Spots? 05/11/2016

What Are Cafe Au Lait Spots?

Cafe Au Lait Spots are light brown coloured flat birthmarks that can vary greatly in size. Some Cafe Au Lait spots appear small whereas others appear large, they vary from person to person. Cafe Au Lait spots usually appear on the skin during birth however, they can also develop when the child is an infant. Cafe Au Lait spots develop when the cells that produce the skin’s pigment, Melanin, collect together. Cafe Au Lait spots are harmless and many children have one or two spots. Cafe Au Lait Spots, in... Read More

Inspirational People: Dean Woodford 04/11/2016

Inspirational People: Dean Woodford

Dean Woodford is a film producer from Salisbury who was born with a Port Wine Stain birthmark on his left arm. A Port Wine Stain birthmark is a type of vascular birthmark which occurs when the blood vessels underneath the skin do not form properly. Port Wine Stain birthmarks can vary in size, appear anywhere on the body and are often flat and red or purple in colour. Most Port Wine Stains are permanent and may even deepen in colour as time goes on. Growing up Dean endured bullying because... Read More

Inspirational People: Annabel Jarvis 03/11/2016

Inspirational People: Annabel Jarvis

Annabel Jarvis is a young lady from Bristol who was born with a facial birthmark. Growing up Annabel didn’t receive any remarks or problems when growing up with her birthmark. It was only when she was 16 years old when she found people began asking her about her facial mark. It was then when Annabel found herself becoming paranoid that people were staring at her. Annabel told Cosmo “I was 19 I was ready to start afresh in a more open-minded city. So I moved to Brighton with my boyfriend.” Once... Read More

Inspirational People: Yvette Fielding 02/11/2016

Inspirational People: Yvette Fielding

Yvette Fielding is known to many in the UK for presenting TV shows such as Blue Peter and Most Haunted. At the age of 17 Yvette became the youngest ever to present Blue Peter. Recalling a situation when working on the show Yvette told The Mirror: “The editor decided it would make a good feature for me to strip off live on camera and show everybody my patches for a feature on vitiligo. I was only 17 and so embarrassed, but we got sacks full of post from young children with... Read More

Inspirational People: Sam Gonçalves 01/11/2016

Inspirational People: Sam Gonçalves

Sam Gonçalves is a male model who has Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition that causes white patches to develop on the skin due to a lack of pigment called Melanin. This is caused when the immune system mistakenly attacks the cells which produce Melanin. Why this occurs is not fully understood. Sam first developed Vitiligo when he was 12 years old. He told “It was after my father died of cancer. As a teenager did not accept me, I thought ugly, so I got to do treatment, but the drugs... Read More