Inspirational People: Sam Plumridge

Sam Plumridge is a lady who was born with a Port Wine Stain birthmark. After years of bullying, Sam feared that she would never find love. However, Sam met her now husband, Paul Plumridge. Sam told The Mirror: “If someone turned around to me five years ago and said I’d be married with two kids before I was 30, I’d have laughed. I thought because of the birthmark, everyone was going to judge me, and I wouldn’t find love but that’s not the case. In fact, on the night before our wedding, he said, ‘Promise me you’re not going to cover up your birthmark because that’s not the person I fell in love with’ so I didn’t wear any foundation at all on the day.”

Growing up Sam received cruel taunts. Recalling one occasion where an older boy came up to her in the playground with a pocket knife and threatened to cut her birthmark out, Sam said “I was absolutely terrified, I was only little at the time. From that day on, I wanted to get rid of it.” Sam then spent 15 years receiving laser treatment in a bid to remove her birthmark. Although the treatment lightened her birthmark, Sam was still bullied at school. Sam said “Primary school wasn’t too bad, but secondary school was difficult,” she said. “They never gave me a chance. From day one of year seven until the day I left, I was bullied. I would always come up with excuses to stay off so I didn’t have to face them. I noticed that when I was sick, my birthmark went darker so I would put make up on it to make it look like I was ill.”

As the years went on both Sam and her parents reported the bullying but nothing changed. As Sam grew older she began to experiment with makeup and discovered tips and tricks to hide her Port Wine Stain. She said “Going from school to college made such a difference. Nobody at college batted an eyelid or asked what had happened to my face,” she said. At that time, I was still having laser treatment. It made me realise that I needn’t put myself through that pain when nobody was even noticing. Now, I’m mature enough to accept my birthmark. I’ve learned to love it .”

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