Three tips for concealing Xanthelasma

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This is an image of a Xanthelasma Concealer Stack, a high coverage product designed to cover up, hide and conceal the yellow discolouration present in the condition Xanthelasma.

Xanthelasma is a condition that causes yellow coloured plaques to appear on the skin. These plaques usually appear around the eye area on both the upper and lower eyelids. These plaques are caused by fat deposits underneath the skin and the condition is said to be caused by having high cholesterol. The condition and symptoms are painless. However, the appearance can cause confidence problems in those with the condition. Because of this, we’ve had lots of feedback from people suffering from low confidence who have been in touch to ask about Veil Cover Cream and how it can help them. Below we’ve put together some helpful tips to cover the effects of Xanthelasma with Veil products.

1. Apply the Cover Cream in light layers

This is a photo of the Veil Colour Correcting Stack, a product designed to counteract unwanted tones in the skin.

Instead of applying high coverage cover cream in one big thick layer to cover instantly. We recommend applying in light layers and working up to your desired coverage. This not only allows you to build up your ideal coverage, it also allows you to achieve the most natural-looking finish. It also minimises product wastage.

2. A purple concealer can help to counteract the yellow-toned appearance in the skin

This is an image of Veil Finishing Powder, a finely milled product that can increase longevity and wear time of Veil Cover Cream and other makeup products.

As the yellow plaques present in Xanthelasma can be quite strongly coloured a colour correcting shade can be beneficial to many. Did you know purple is directly across from yellow on the colour wheel? This means that the two cancel each other out. Because of this Veil Cover Cream in the shade Mauve can be used to counteract the yellow tones in the skin.

3. Improve wear time with a light dusting of finishing powder

When it comes to completing your Xanthelasma cover-up, a light dusting of Veil Finishing Powder can be very beneficial. The powder will give you a natural and matte looking finish. It will also help to set the cover cream. This will increase the wear time on the skin. Be careful to only apply a light dusting of powder as applying too much can give an unnatural looking finish.

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