What Are Stretch Marks?

So, what exactly are stretch marks? We give you the low-down.

Stretch marks are marks that appear when the skin is rapidly stretched. This usually occurs after sudden growth or weight gain which causes the middle layer of skin to stretch quickly rather than over a long period of time, and tear.

Stretch marks are very common – although you may think that they’re most commonly associated with women during pregnancy, men are just as much at risk too!

Those with a family history of stretch marks may also see them appear as well as those with underlying health conditions such as Cushing’s syndrome and Marfan syndrome.

When the tears occur on the middle layer of skin the blood vessels below show through which is why stretch marks have a purple or red appearance when they first appear. As time goes on the blood vessels get smaller and the pale fat below the skin becomes visible, causing stretch marks to transform into a silver-white colour.

Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body, and although totally painless, they can be annoying if they are on a part of your body which is visible in certain clothing, such as the upper arm.

When it comes to treatment, most stretch marks fade over time so don’t require treatment.

However, as they can appear anywhere on the body, some people may dislike the appearance and seek help to get rid of their stretch marks or at least cover them for certain occasions.

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Alternatively, you can embrace those zebra stripes and love the skin you’re in!

Do you have stretch marks? How do you feel about them? Let us know in the comments!