Why Veil Cover Cream Is Great For Concealing Signs Of Ageing

Conceal signs of Ageing with Veil Cover Cream

Ever wish you could wave a wand and instantly look younger? You’re one huge step closer to concealing signs of ageing with Veil Cover Cream. Originally developed to cover burns and skin conditions, the foundation gives such flawless coverage that it’s finding a growing following of loyal fans in the mainstream makeup market. Veil Cover Cream effortlessly covers age spots, varicose veins and those niggling signs of ageing. Look at Veil’s website and you’ll see beautiful models – yet not one of them has been airbrushed. The company wants to give everyone more confidence, regardless of age or skin type – and the results really do speak for themselves.

In a world where it’s become the norm to be camera-ready at any moment, Veil is set to become the nation’s next makeup essential. The full-coverage cream has found a growing following of admirers across the UK, and it’s easy to see why. The Cover Cream is so simple to apply and gives unrivalled results. Whether it’s used as a ‘grab and go’ to cover imperfections or as a full foundation to give a flawless finish.

High coverage concealer with a history of concealing skin conditions

The Veil range was created by chemist Thomas Blake in 1952. It was originally created to help patients to conceal scarring. Today the brand remains true to its core values. However, it is recognised that it can conceal a number of skin conditions. It has an honest approach to empowering people. Veil does this, not by promising facelift-worthy results, but by making its users feel beautiful. Veil encourages people to be the best version of themselves.

Shirley is one of Veil’s models and has been using Veil Cover Cream for years. She has acne rosacea and visible veins around her eyes. She says:

“It’s absolutely amazing knowing that whether you’re having a good day or a terrible day with your skin, not only will it cover but it covers well. Whether I’m going to a meeting or a party it’s absolutely amazing. I don’t need to walk into any store and look for any other brand again. I can just go out and be one of the girls and not have to shy away from the camera when we’re doing selfies. I’d highly recommend Veil to anyone.”

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