Face Equality Day: Amy Elsegood Shares Her Thoughts On Makeup

At Veil, we’re dedicated to helping you feel confident in your own skin. In support of Changing Faces‘ Face Equality Day campaign, we caught up with public figure, Amy Elsegood.

Makeup artist and Veil fan, Amy Elsegood discovered a love for makeup after enjoying the confidence it gave her when she used it to cover her port wine stain birthmark. Amy has previously shared her story with us, featured in our tutorials and even demonstrated her use of Veil in Katie Piper’s Face To Face TV show on Channel 4.
We caught up with her recently to find out her thoughts on Face Equality Day. She spoke of how makeup gives her confidence by providing her with the freedom to make her own choices regarding her appearance:
“I cover because it’s just part of my everyday makeup routine, like most girls. Just because I am body positive doesn’t mean I will be makeup free forever, I like wearing it.
There’s no right or wrong in wearing it, I do what makes me happy and if I’m able to help people along the way then it’s a bonus.
I used to be the girl that was afraid to go out the house with no makeup on, but I’m not that girl now; I’m not bothered anymore. I’ll go out with no makeup on or I’ll go out with, it doesn’t matter. I’m still the same person.
I love makeup so if I suddenly stopped wearing it, I wouldn’t be me anymore.
Makeup is a powerful thing – it’s every woman’s secret weapon.”
I have accepted myself and my flaws and I’m turning them into a positive. That’s all that matters to me.
— Amy Elsegood
Makeup is not a tool meant to make ugly things beautiful. It is meant to magnify the beauty that already exists.
— Amy Elsegood

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At Veil, We’ve Got You And Your Tattoos Covered

Whether you regret the day that you got inked or your tattoos just don’t match your outfit for a particular event, at Veil, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Tattoos. Many people have them; many people have a complex relationship with them. From botched jobs to inkings that you can no longer relate to, tattoos aren’t always something you want to show off.

This might prove particularly problematic in the summertime. From lighter clothing to special occasions, your excitement might be being overshadowed by your fear of exposing your inking.

Tattoos can be downright embarrassing and affect your self-esteem. Some might just not fit with a particular look you have in mind for a big event. Maybe you have the names of previous partners that you don’t want on show on your wedding day. There are lots of reasons for wishing you could magic away your skin art.

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How To Make Your Skin The Least Of Your Worries This Summer

If skin concerns are casting a shadow over your joy for summer, at Veil we’ve got the perfect solution.

It’s finally May! After a winter that wasn’t short on snow, spring is certainly making amends with bouts of glorious summer weather.

Heatwaves and summer allow us to break free from the numerous layers we burrow under for warmth in cold weather. But for some, this comes with its own problems. If your delight is being dampened by concerns about exposing your skin, you’ve come to the right place.

Skin. We’re covered in the stuff. It makes sense, then, that it comes with its own complexities. Port wine stains, vitiligo, scars, eczema, acne, birthmarks, varicose veins, psoriasis, unwanted tattoos… these are just a few of the reasons why we might not want to show our skin to the world.

Veil’s origins

But you don’t need to worry about exposing your skin with your summer wardrobe. Veil was created by Thomas Blake to conceal post-operative scars, including those of WWII veterans. He produced the perfect formula in 1952. Our recipe hasn’t needed improving for over 65 years.

With a range of neutralising colours to create the perfect base, Veil also has a multitude of shades. This ensures that you can blend the high coverage formula seamlessly with your natural skin tone. If you want to know how to find your shade, we have the perfect resource for you right here.

Veil Cover Cream is light-weight and natural looking, even if you’re just using it as a regular foundation. Plus, it doesn’t look chalky or feel heavy on your skin. And that’s not all. It’s SPF 15-20, and the finishing powder ensures that it’s both long lasting and waterproof.

We’re here to help

Our site also has a number of resources on how to best apply Veil products depending on your skin concerns. Check out our tutorial page here. Plus, our team are just a message away on all our social media platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’re more than happy to answer all questions and offer advice.

So hit that beach, enjoy the BBQ, celebrate your big day or revel at someone else’s wedding. The summer is for enjoying. Embrace the freedom to wear what you want now that your skin can be the last thing to hold you back.

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