Colour Correcting Concealers

If you’ve ever looked at our shade range and Pro Kit you may have noticed we have a selection of colour correcting concealers. These shades aren’t skin coloured but instead are Mauve, Yellow and Green in colour.  Wonder what they’re for? Read on.


These shade might seem crazy at first but they play a key role in counteracting certain tones in the skin. Here’s the lowdown:-


On a basic colour wheel, the colour purple is directly opposite the colour yellow. This means that the two colours cancel each other out.

Since the shade Mauve is a lilac tone, it’s brilliant for eliminating yellow tones in the skin. This is great if you have yellow tones in your skin,  yellow-toned bruising or suffer from the condition Xanthelasma.

If you find you have a dull yellow toned complexion that you wish to brighten, Mauve is also great for this.


Our next shade is Yellow. Since this colour is opposite purple on the colour wheel we know that it eliminates purple tones in the skin.

Yellow is great for Port Wine Stain birthmarks, eye circles and purple toned discolouration that occurs on the eyelids. This colour is also fantastic for concealing prominent veins and purple-blue toned bruises. Yellow can even be used to counteract very slight redness.


And finally, we have Green which is opposite red on the colour wheel so it tackles redness in the skin.

This shade is perfect for tackling red acne areas and is also ideal for those with Rosacea. Green concealer is popular amongst those with pale complexions for applying at the sides of the nose where slight redness is very common.

A word of caution…

When applying colour correcting concealers do be sure to gradually build up the amount you apply as applying too much can actually over-counteract which can cause the skin to look dull, unnatural and lifeless.

Do you use colour correcting concealers? Have you got any tips for their use? Tell us in the comments!

Show Your Skin Some Love With Veil’s Skincare Range

Taking care of your skin is arguably even more important than makeup. What you eat and skincare are both key to creating a foundation to build on with makeup. At Veil, our lush skincare range has the perfect products to show your skin some love with.

Here’s the lowdown on our skincare products:

Like it smooth? Our Rich Nourishing Cream is just what you need.

Veil’s Rich Nourishing Cream is a lovely textured cream made with the purest Almond Oil. As quick as brushing your teeth, it couldn’t be easier to incorporate moisturising into your daily routine. With regular application, this cream will keep normal to dry skin in tip-top condition. Suffer from dry feet? We highly recommend smothering the cream all over your tootsies right before bed before popping on your favourite pair of cosy fluffy socks and in the morning your feet will feel silky smooth.

Indulge your hands and body

Our Hand and Body Cream is a non-greasy cream that is quickly absorbed. We recommend applying this regularly to the hands to keep them feeling like velvet. The cream can also be used all over the body after bathing and showering to keep the skin nice and soft. The Hand and Body Cream is also unperfumed for allergy free use.

Experience nature’s magic with Witch Hazel Cream

If you are suffering from sore skin, check out our Witch Hazel Cream. This smooth emollient cream is quickly absorbed into the skin and works a treat on cracked, chapped and sore skin as it effectively and gently softens the area. It is also ideal for applying on stings, bruising and swellings to help reduce the issue. It can even be used to help cool sunburn as well as windburn.

Cleanse your skin woes away…

Our Cleansing Cream is ideal for removing your Veil Cover Cream. It is specially formulated and unperfumed for allergy free use. Simply use the cream to cleanse your face and neck each morning before applying your Cover Cream and also use on an evening to gently, easily and effectively remove makeup.

Fine-tune your skin care routine with our Toning Lotion

Our Toning Lotion is a gentle toner which temporarily shrinks the pores thanks to the astringent properties of Witch Hazel and Rose Water. Apply after cleansing to remove any remaining traces of cleanser or oil before applying your Cover Cream. After use, your skin will feel refreshed and have a very delicate Rose Water aroma. Top tip: during the warmer weather pop your Toning Lotion into the fridge for an extra refreshing skin boost.

Don’t just take our word for it:

Here’s what our customer Sini had to say about some of the Veil Skincare range:

“The Witch Hazel Cream is perfect for my dry to mixed skin; the moisturing factor is HUGE! If I use the cream in the morning, my skin still feels amazingly moisturised in the afternoon.

The Veil Cleansing Cream too is really good and gentle to my skin; I like to use it in the evening before bed and in the morning/before make up.

Plus, the pricing was lower than some store bought generic brands, yet I think the quality is far better.

I’m really happy that I discovered these gems of facial cream and cleanser, my self-esteem boosted because I feel beautiful because my skin is in better condition.”

Why not give our skin care range a go? Maybe you’re already a fan? We’d love to here your thoughts in the comments!