Why Veil Is Your Perfect Makeup This Autumn

It’s September and officially autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Breeze into the new season with Veil, the perfect makeup for all times of year!

If one thing is certain about autumn, it’s the crazy weather – at least in the UK. From unexpected bouts of sunshine to downpours out of nowhere, it’s easy to be caught out.

But whether you’re getting drenched or are lathered in sweat under too many layers of new season clothing, Veil’s got you covered! Waterproof and sweat-proof, our Cover Cream endures all conditions – especially when used with our Finishing Powder.

Your skin concerns are safely covered

Veil is amazing at disguising skin imperfections. Maybe you have a skin concern that you affects your confidence? Perhaps you have a tattoo you regret ever getting? Scars you want to hide or a skin condition you’d like to cover up? We got you.

Veil Cover Cream offers incredible, durable coverage. Just check out our social media to see the amazing looks and transformations that our fab customers and MUAs have created with our products!

Image credit: Claire Swan

And this isn’t all – light-weight and natural-looking, you don’t have to worry about your makeup looking cakey or clogging up your skin.

Best of all? Our products are cruelty-free! #EndAnimalTesting.

New season, new look

Transition into autumn with one less care with our Cover Cream, secure in the knowledge that your skin is covered with a makeup that will only come off when you want it to.

Maybe you’re jetting off to chase the summer? Or perhaps you live in the Southern Hemisphere and are just beginning peel off layers of clothing, not add more? Once again, Veil is the perfect makeup – read these posts to find out why!

Head to our shop on our site today and consider your new season makeup sorted!


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