How To Hide Dark Under Eye Circles With Just 3 Miracle Products

Before and after results after using Remescar Eye Bag and Dark Circles, a miracle product that can hide dark under eye Circles.

Dark undereye circles are incredibly common. They can appear for many reasons. Perhaps you are stressed or tired? Or maybe you have dark eye bags purely due to genetics? Whatever the reason we understand that these under eye circles can affect both your confidence and your self-esteem. Because of this, you may wish to cover up and conceal your dark circles. That being said, you’ve probably found that regular high street concealer brands just don’t cut it. Enter the miracle trio of Remescar Eye Bags and Dark Circles & Veil Cover Cream in two shades. These three high-performance products make the perfect combo for full-on tackling even the most difficult to cover dark circles.

The first product to fight those under eye circles is Remescar. Remescar Dark Circles and Eyebags is a much raved about product that can instantly and effectively diminish the appearance of eye bags. Remescar works by using revolutionary technology called EYESYL. This targets eye bags by using a combination of clay minerals and bi-peptide complex. This ingredient mix causes the skin to tighten and decreases fluid accumulation under the eyes. By doing this the under eye area appears less puffy and thus the appearance of dark circles are reduced.

Use a combination of Veil Cover Cream and Remescar to hide dark under eye circles with maximum effect

Once you’ve applied your Remescar and reduced the undereye puffiness it’s now time for the next stage, correcting the dark appearance. To do this we recommend reaching for Veil Cover Cream, our globally trusted full coverage concealer that provides the skin with impressive colour pay off along with great longevity. For the most effective look, we recommend using two shades.

The first is a colour correcting shade called Yellow. Yellow is the perfect shade for counteracting purple tones in the skin which are present in dark under eye circles. This shade can be purchased on its own however10 if you purchase a Colour Corrector Stack you will receive Yellow along with 4 other colour correcting shades. The other shade we recommend is a colour to match your skin tone. You can find this by using a Colour Matching Kit to determine the colour best for you. By first applying a small amount of Yellow to the skin followed by the shade which matches your skin tone you are able to eliminate the dark appearance of under eye circles giving you a flawless skin look.

Where can I purchase Remescar Eye Bags and Dark Circles & Veil Cover Cream?

Both Remescar and Veil Cover Cream are both available to purchase on the Veil website. Remescar is available in one size and retails at £19.99. Veil Cover Cream is available in two sizes, 10g for £19.99 and 45g for £34.99. In addition, if you wish to purchase the Colour Correcting Stack, this is also available to purchase on the Veil website for £14.99.

In conclusion, Veil Cover Cream and Remescar are the ultimate dream team in improving the appearance of dark under eye circles whilst also wonderfully boosting confidence. Grab yours today here on the Veil Cover Cream website.

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