3 Great Halloween Looks Created Using Veil Cover Cream

This is a three picture collage of three Halloween looks created using Veil Cover Cream.

Happy Halloween! The much anticipated spooky day is finally upon us! One thing we love about Halloween is dressing up. Whether you’re dressing up as your favourite character, something cute or spooky, Halloween is a fun time of year. During the spooky period, we have been enjoying seeing all your fantastic makeup looks. Today we thought we’d showcase 3 of our favourite Halloween looks that we’ve been tagged in on social media. These three looks have all been created by incredibly talented individuals. We’ve been super impressed by each one.

Day of the dead look created by DootsyBeauty

This is a photograph of Veil Cover Cream is a full coverage camouflage concealer that can cover up and conceal a wide variety of skin conditions including acne, rosacea, vitiligo, scars, birthmarks, xanthelasma, age spots, bruising, melasma, stretch marks and even tattoos.

The first of the 3 great Halloween looks was created by Lauren from DootsyBeauty. Lauren is a beauty-obsessed woman who creates impressive makeup looks. All of which can be found over on Instagram. Recently Lauren has created a series of Halloween makeup looks. These have included Princess Fiona from Shrek along with a more spooky Pennywise look. However, our favourite look of Lauren’s is her day of the dead inspired sugar skull look.

Inspired by the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos, Lauren’s impressive look uses the Veil Cover Cream shade in white as a base. We absolutely love how striking Lauren’s look is.

Spider look by MakeupByKikix

This is a photo of the Veil Colour Correcting Stack, a product designed to counteract unwanted tones in the skin.

The second of the 3 great Halloween looks was created by Kiki from MakeupByKikix on Instagram. Kiki is a young self-taught makeup artist from Leeds who uses the platform to share her glamorous looks.

When we first spotted Kiki’s spider look it certainly gave us a fright. This was due to its convincing realistic look. Kiki’s design features Veil Cover Cream and is super effective due to Kiki’s creation of shadows and impressive blending skills. Kiki’s look is spooky in addition to having a hint of glam making it perfect for Halloween.

Halloween Cruella De Vil look by makeupbysummerberries

The third of the great Halloween looks was created by Summer from makeupbysummerberries. Summer is an undeniably talented young lady who is qualified in media makeup. Summer shares her makeup creations on Instagram in addition to making YouTube tutorials on her channel, SummerBerries.

Recently Summer created a Halloween Cruella De Vil look. In her look Summer used Veil Cover Cream. Summer’s makeup look is a fantastic darker twist on the Disney villain with a blood effect teamed up with that splash of green. This combo makes the makeup look very eyecatching which is why we love it.

Share your Veil Halloween makeup looks with us!

We’d also like to mention that if you’ve created your own Halloween look using Veil Cover Cream we’d love to see. Simply upload a picture or video to social media and tag us. We’d absolutely love to see your awesome designs. Additionally, we would also like to thank everyone who has already tagged us in their looks. It’s been great to see how our products have been used to create beautiful art.

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