How To Apply Veil Cover Cream Quickly and Effortlessly

Veil Cover Cream is a fantastic full coverage camouflage cream concealer. It can cover up and conceal a variety of skin conditions thanks to its high pigmentation. Veil Cover Cream contains much more pigment in comparison to your average high street concealer. This along with its soft and easy to blend formula is what makes the trusted product stand out. Although some users of Veil Cover Cream choose to simply apply the product using their fingers, we do also have tools available to help. These tools are designed to aid you in the application process making it easier and quicker.

How to apply Veil Cover Cream quickly and effortlessly:

This is an image of a pink latex free makeup sponge. This is the perfect tool for aiding in both contouring and applying concealer and foundation for a flawless finish.

The first tool that we have available is our new Latex-free makeup sponge. This bright pink sponge is perfect for blending both liquid, cream and powder products. It has a unique shape making it ideal for a number of things. The flat surface of the sponge allows you to get close to your eyes and nose as well as the contours of your face. The rounded area of the sponge, on the other hand, is much more suited to larger areas such as the forehead and cheeks.

The sponge is easy to grip, free from latex and suitable for vegans. To use the sponge simply wet the sponge allowing it to expand before squeezing out the excess water. You can then apply your cover cream straight to the sponge and onto your face using a dabbing motion. By doing this you can effortlessly and quickly blend your concealer for a flawless natural finish.

Use the Veil stippling brush to achieve maximum flawless coverage

This is an image of the Veil Stippling Brush, a makeup tool that is the perfect option for those wanting to achieve a super high coverage, flawless and smooth finish.

Although our latex-free sponge is perfect for everyday use, you may be wondering how to apply Veil Cover Cream for maximum flawless coverage. Well, the answer is by using our stippling brush. Stippling brushes have been used for many years by makeup artists. However, they’re still somewhat of a secret despite being such a powerful tool. Our stippling brush is made up of two sets of bristles and a flat blunt edge. The white fibres pick up the product. Whereas the black fibres are denser and therefore help to push the product into the skin.

To use the brush simply apply a small amount of cover cream to the back of your hand and dab the brush into the product with the white bristles. You can then lightly dab the stippling brush onto the area that you wish to cover. The idea is that you build-up your coverage with little dots of product. This method gives you an airbrushed like finish. Once you’ve applied everywhere you wish to cover, you then want to apply more pressure and lightly swirl the brush in small circles to blend everything in place.

Conceal hard to reach areas and blemishes with the Veil small & fine makeup brush

This is an image of the Veil Small and Fine Makeup Brush. This handy small tool not only fits perfectly into your makeup bag but also works effectively at applying concealer to hard to reach areas such as around the nose and lips.

If you’re looking to cover up and conceal those hard to reach areas or pesky spots, the Veil small and fine makeup brush is the best option for you. This handbag-friendly sized brush is ideal for applying Veil Cover Cream with precision and accuracy. The small size of the brush makes it particularly brilliant for application around those hard to reach areas. For example, around the nose and mouth.

This small brush also works super well paired with the Veil colour correcting stack. This is because only a tiny amount of colour correcting product is required for maximum results.

Try all three tools and save with our full brush and sponge kit

This is an image of the Veil Full Brush and Sponge Kit consisting of a pink coloured latex free sponge, a stripping brush and a small fine precision brush. All can be used for easy application of Veil Cover Cream concealer and other products.

If you are looking for a new makeup tool but you can’t quite decide which to purchase or perhaps you’d like to try all three, fear not. We have also put together sets so that you can try multiple tools. Not only that but by purchasing these sets you will also save money as opposed to purchasing each tool separately.

This is an image of the Veil Sponge and Small Brush set, this set contains a latex-free sponge and a small brush that is ideal for precise and accurate application of Veil Cover Cream and other makeup products.

The first set contains our latex-free sponge, stippling brush and our small precision brush. This kit retails at £15.99 meaning that you save £4.98 when you buy the kit as opposed to buying each tool separately. The second set contains our latex-free sponge and our precision brush for £10.99 meaning you save £2.99 as opposed to ordering each tool individually.

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