How To Create Amazing Halloween Makeup With Veil Cover Cream

How To Create Amazing Halloween Makeup With Veil Cover Cream

As October is upon us the dark nights are well and truly beginning to set in. Do you know what that means? Halloween is incoming! Halloween is a fantastic time of year for both adults and kids. Not only is the holiday full of exciting horror movies, spooky scares and lots of sweeties, it also means that we can dress up. Whether you’re dressing up as your favourite character or something a little scarier, Veil Cover Cream can help create some amazing Halloween makeup looks.

Create Amazing Halloween Makeup with Veil Cover Cream

With our extensive colour range, you can create the perfect base for whatever look you desire. Not only that but our colour correcting range of shades also double up as perfect Halloween makeup shades. Inside our range, you’ll find five shades, Mauve, Green, Yellow, Rose and Orange.

With these shades, you could choose to design a unique abstract look. Alternatively, you could create a classic Halloween makeup look. For instance, you could use Green to create a ghoulish Frankenstein look. Or you could take advantage of Orange and go for a classic pumpkin design.

Not only are our colour correcting shades effective, but our White shade of Veil Cover Cream is also ideal for the spooky season. With this colour, you can create a wonderful white base to really give you that corpse-like look. You can also use White to blend with the other colour correcting shades to create lighter shades for you to work with and further expand the colours you have to work. By mixing more colours this enables you to add more shading and depth into your design.

Show us your Halloween looks using Veil Cover Cream to be in with a chance of winning Veil products

If you are someone who loves creating weird and wonderful makeup looks we would love to see your designs which is why we are launching our Halloween competition. Simply create a design using Veil Cover Cream and show us. We’ll provide you with a handy kit to help you with this. For the very best designs, we’ll be giving away some free Veil products.

To take part in our exciting competition, simply send us a message on Facebook or Instagram with the word HALLOWEEN. We’ll get back to you and send you a free Halloween Kit containing five shades, a sponge and some cleansing cream. This competition is open to the first 150 people on each platform who get in touch. Once you receive your kit, create your desired look on either yourself or a model and share a picture with us on social media.

If you create a really impressive look and it places in our top 3 you will receive some free Veil products. First place will receive a Cover Cream, Finishing Powder and a skincare product. Second & third place will receive a Cover Cream and a skincare product. The winners will be announced on Halloween. Best of luck to all those participating.

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