The Ultimate Winter Skincare Guide: How To Keep Skin Looking Great

The Ultimate Winter Skincare Guide: How To Keep Skin Looking Great

With the colder weather here one thing that can greatly suffer is our skin. During the winter months, the cold air tightens our skin’s pores and reduces blood circulation. This effect causes the skins natural oil production to reduce. Not only that but because of the change in the air, our skin also dries out. These two factors alone can often cause the skin to appear more dry and flakey which can be frustrating. Many people find dryness one of the biggest winter skincare problems but it doesn’t have to be. With a good winter skincare product selection, you can easily avoid common problems like dry patches on the face.

How to take care of dry skin in winter: Our Winter skincare essentials

If you suffer from pesky Winter affected skin then you may be wondering how to take care of dry skin in winter. Our newly revamped skincare range can help. With our growing product range, you can easily keep dryness at bay and achieve soft and hydrated skin.

The first of our excellent skincare products to help you do this is Yellow Soft Paraffin. This is a fantastic multi-use winter skin remedy that can be used to prevent cracked & chapped lips and skin. It can also be used to improve the quality of nails which are also prone to drying out during the colder months. This kind to the environment product works by creating a protective barrier which locks in both heat and moisture. The product can also prevent friction from occurring. This makes it the ideal product for cyclists, long-distance runners and anyone who suffers from chafing.

Keep the skin soft and moisturised with Veil skincare

If it’s an effective winter skincare product which is fast-absorbing that you are after, Veil Witch Hazel and Calamine Cream is the perfect option. This non-greasy, emollient cream gently softens cracked, chapped and sore skin. Because of the addition of Witch Hazel in this cream, it also reduces
bruising, stings and swellings.

For those with Acne and blemished skin we also have our newly launched Veil Acne Day Cream. This moisturiser combines the benefits of salicylic acid and tea tree oil to aid you in your journey to clear, spot-free skin. This product can not only fight off Acne, spots and blemishes, it can also keep the skin hydrated too. This makes the product a fantastic option for those who suffer from skin congestion. But also, want to fight off that winter dryness.

Another excellent moisturising option is ProEvia Cream. This free from steroids, parabens, lanolin and perfume cream works effectively when it comes to soothing itching by hydrating the skin. This makes ProEvia the choice for many Eczema sufferers during the winter months and throughout the rest of the year too.

Team up moisturising creams with other skincare products for the best possible skincare results

Although in Winter dryness and keeping the skin hydrated is a serious concern for many, that’s not to say that you should skip other parts of your routine. By continuing to use cleanser and toner in addition to moisturiser you can achieve the best possible skincare results both in Winter and all year round.

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