Increase Makeup Wear Time With Veil Finishing Powder

This is an image of Veil Finishing Powder, a finely milled product that can increase longevity and wear time of Veil Cover Cream and other makeup products.

When it comes to applying makeup one of the key qualities many look for is long wear time. There’s nothing worse than putting on your makeup and within a couple of hours, you notice it’s all wore off or become patchy. With our product Veil Cover Cream, this already has impressive wear time. This is thanks to an unbeatable formula consisting of an easy to work with texture and high pigment content. Now although Veil Cover Cream’s longevity is impressive, it can be increased further with one complimentary product. That product is Veil Finishing Powder.

Increase wear time and eliminate shine

This finely milled powder enables you to extend the wear time of Veil Cover Cream as well as eliminating any shine that may be present. This allows you to achieve an on-trend matte finish look that is certain to stay looking great all day long. Not only that but applying a layer of powder sets Veil Cover Cream so well that it becomes waterproof allowing you to even swim whilst wearing the product.

Veil Finishing Powder is available in two shades

This is an image of the Veil Full Brush and Sponge Kit consisting of a pink coloured latex free sponge, a stripping brush and a small fine precision brush. All can be used for easy application of Veil Cover Cream concealer and other products.

Veil Finishing Powder is available in two shades, Translucent and Dusk. Translucent is a pink-toned colour designed to set light-toned shades of Veil Cover Cream. Dusk, on the other hand, is a warmer shade that is more suitable for those with medium to dark-toned skin. Dusk is also an excellent option if you’re sporting a more tanned look after soaking up some sun.

Veil Finishing Powder is suitable for all skin types including mature skin and blemished skin. It can be applied using a variety of makeup tools and it can be used with a variety of makeup products as well as Veil Cover Cream.

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