Introducing The Rae Denman Range

This is an image of the Rae Denman Colour Matching Kit which is designed to help you find your perfect colour match from the 10 new shades in our range.

We are incredibly excited to announce that The Rae Denman Range has launched. Over the past few months, we’ve been working with Rae Denman to launch 10 brand new Veil Cover Cream shades, 2 new Finishing Powder shades and a skincare product.

Rae Denman is an experienced medical tattooist, skin camouflage specialist and Veil beauty consultant. Rae is passionate about her work and known for her medical background and warm approach. She’s well established in her field of work and has an excellent reputation in boosting the confidence of many.

This is an image of Cover Cream by Rae Denman, a high coverage concealer available in 10 brand new shades.

10 brand new cover cream shades to suit a wider range of skin tones

Using Rae’s impressive knowledge we’ve added 10 new premium shades to our Veil Cover Cream range. These shades are ideal for deeper toned skin with the shades being designed for British, Asian, South American and mixed skin tones. These new shades consist of Seena, Manuh, Iona, Kayo, Atticus, Amy-Olive, Monica-May, Maia, Amor and Ramo. Each shade is available in both 10g and 45g sizes. If you’re not sure of which shade to opt for, we also have a Rae Denman Range Colour Matching Kit available to purchase.

This is an image of the Finishing Powder by Rae Denman, a finely milled product designed to increased the wear time of Veil Cover Cream. The product is available in two shades, Tuki and Heaven.

As well as 10 new Cover Cream shades, we’ve also added 2 brand new premium finishing powders to our range. These shades are Tuki and Heaven. These shades not only set Veil Cover Cream in place for long-lasting wear but they also complement our 10 new shades. Each shade is available to purchase in 23g jar.

This is an image of the Veil Calendula & Yellow Soft Paraffin Petroleum Jelly for Dry Skin, a product designed to hydrate the skin, lock in moisture and soothe.

Also in the Rae Denman range, you’ll find the Veil Calendula and Yellow Soft Paraffin Petroleum Jelly. This is a brand new skincare product that is kind to the environment as it is unbleached. The product is fantastic for dry skin as it provides the skin with a protective barrier that locks in moisture. Because of the addition of Calendula, it is also excellent for soothing.

We are also working on a range of new skincare products for the Rae Denman Range. We hope to launch these early 2020. This range is currently being trialled to assist with the recovery of scarring and stretch marks. Keep an eye on social media for updates on these fantastic products.

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