Conceal Skin Conditions With The Veil Concealer Stacks

This is an image of the Veil Acne Concealer Stack, a product designed to cover up and conceal acne and blemishes with ease.
This is an image of the Veil Dark Circles Concealer Stack, a product designed to cover up and conceal unwanted dark circles.

Recently we launched our Xanthelasma Concealer stack which has been a huge success. Because the stack has been such a hit we’ve decided to add other stacks to our range. These stacks are focussed on concealing specific skin conditions. Each concealer stack contains everything you need to effectively cover-up things like acne, rosacea, dark circles and veins. Each stack is available in three shades, Light, Medium and Dark. In the light shade, you’ll find Natural Light, Suede, Medium and Oyster. In the medium stack, you’ll discover Tan, Almond, Caramel and No 3. And finally, in the dark stack, you’ll receive, Warm Coffee, Bourbon, Brown and Walnut.

In each stack, you’ll also find a corrector shade to counteract unwanted tones in the skin. In the acne & rosacea stack, you’ll find Green. Inside the vein concealer stack, you’ll receive Orange. Lastly, in the dark circles stack, you’ll find Yellow. Alongside these colour corrector shades, you’ll also receive a finishing powder. In the light and medium stacks, you’ll receive the shade Translucent. In the dark stack, you’ll receive the shade Dusk. Each finishing powder is finely milled and designed to give the cover cream a soft, matte, natural-looking finish. Not only that but it also increases the wear time of Veil Cover Cream and gives the makeup a waterproof finish.

This is an image of the Veil Veins Concealer Stack, a product designed to cover up and conceal prominent veins present in the skin.

Along with the concealer stack, you’ll also receive a small and fine makeup brush for precision application

This is an image of the Veil Cover Cream Rosacea Concealer Stack, a product designed to cover up and conceal rosacea and redness in the skin.

As well as receiving your stack, you’ll also receive one of our small and fine makeup brushes. This brush is designed to apply Veil Cover Cream with ultimate precision. It’s also great for applying concealer to those hard to reach areas like around the nose and mouth. The brush also works incredibly well when it comes to applying the colour correcting shades. This is because only a small amount of product is required for outstanding results. By using the brush you not only get great results but you also minimise product waste too.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one product to counteract the unwanted tones in your skin and conceal, the brand new Veil Concealer stacks are definitely the product for you.

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