Introducing The Veil International Blending Kit by Rae Denman

This is an image of the Veil International Blending Kit by Rae Denman, a product consisting of 10 premium shades of Veil Cover Cream, 4 colour corrector shades and two finishing powders as well as 21 empty jars that allow you to store creams that you have mixed together

We are incredibly happy to announce the addition of another product into the Rae Denman Range. The product we are talking about? The International Blending Kit by Rae Denman. This product contains our 10 brand new Rae Denman colours alongside our four corrector shades Green, Yellow, Mauve and Orange. Alongside these creams are two brand new finishing powder shades, Heaven and Tuki as well as 21 empty jars for you to store your blended range of shades. Also in the kit, you’ll receive a handy spatula. This kit is ideal for makeup artists or enthusiasts who are looking to further expand their shade range and self mix shades for future use.

International Blending Kit by Rae Denman is ideal for makeup artists and enthusiasts

The new shades in the range consist of Iona, Monica May, Maia, Seena, Atticus, Amy Olive, Ramo, Kayo, Manuh and Amor. These shades have been designed and developed to match a range of skin tones. These tones include British, Asian, South American and mixed skin tones. The two new finishing powders in the Rae Denman range, Heaven and Tuki have been designed to complement these shades. These two finely milled powders enable you to set Veil Cover Cream in place. This allows you to achieve long-lasting wear time that is smudge-proof and waterproof. This means that you are even able to go swimming whilst wearing Veil Cover Cream.

The Veil Cover Cream range is large in size with a colour to suit virtually all skin tones. However, if you wish to further tailor a shade, Veil Cover Cream shades can be mixed together. This is where the 21 empty jars in the International Blending Kit come in. In these jars, you can blend colours together to create brand new unique shades to suit you, your clients and models. You can then easily store them away by popping the screw top lids back on and placing them back into your handy kit case for future use. So everything you need can be found in one handy place ready for use on you or your clients.

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