Neutralise Green Tones With Veil Rosacea Face Cream

Redness can be a frustrating issue. Whether its caused by Rosacea or it’s just redness in general, it can be a difficult thing to treat. This is why we’ve developed a brand new product, the Veil Rosacea Face Cream. This product is a moisturiser with a difference. The product is a smooth cream that blends wonderfully into the skin leaving the skin feeling soft, hydrated and smooth.

This is an image of Veil Rosacea Face Cream, a product designed to neutralise red tones in the skin

The cream is unique by the fact that it contains green pigments. These green pigments are what makes the product so effective at fighting redness. These green pigments work so well simply because of the colour theory. If you take a look at the colour wheel you’ll notice that the colours green and red are directly opposite each other. This means that they effectively cancel each other out. This same rule applies to makeup and skincare. If you apply a green product on top of red skin, you counteract the redness and the Veil Rosacea Face Cream can do just that.

Simply apply a small amount of the smooth cream to your face and blend into the skin using your fingertips. The cream is fast to absorb into the skin so there’s no waiting around. By applying this cream you will neutralise your skin ready for your makeup application. This cream provides the skin with the ultimate effective redness fighting base and can be teamed up with Veil Cover Cream in Green for maximum results.

A product to moisturiser and tackle redness

Veil Rosacea Face Cream is available to purchase from the Veil website. This product can be used to treat rosacea and general redness. It can even be used to counteract redness caused by things like acne, blemishes and spots. So if you’re looking for a great moisturiser to hydrate your skin and counteract red tones in your skin, look no further.

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