The Veil Professional Kit Is The Perfect Christmas Gift For Beauty Lovers

With Christmas fast approaching many are well underway with their festive shopping. If you’ve got a beauty lover to buy for this year we have the ideal product for you. That product is the Veil Professional Kit. This handy all in one kit contains 34 of the bestselling shades of Veil Cover Cream. Alongside those are our two finely milled finishing powders in Translucent and Dusk.

This is an image of the Veil Professional Kit, an all in one beauty makeup kit that contains 34 concealer shades alongside 2 setting powder colours. This is the perfect product for beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists thanks to its wide shade range.

This kit is perfect for any beauty enthusiast or budding makeup artist as it contains everything you need to cover up a range of skin conditions on a wide variety of different skin tones. Each cream in the kit is highly pigmented and has a soft blendable texture. This makes each incredibly easy to work with on the skin. Each shade is also lightweight and natural-looking, therefore perfect for concealing skin conditions. These conditions include vitiligo, xanthelasma, rosacea, acne and birthmarks. You can also use the creams to cover up the likes of dark circles, redness and even tattoos.

Cover & set with the Veil Professional Kit

Not only that but the addition of the two powders in the Veil Professional Kit enables you to set the makeup in place for long-lasting wear. These two powders both blend beautifully into the skin. They also give Veil Cover Cream a soft matte natural-looking finish. The first shade, Translucent is ideal for light to medium skin that is cool-toned. The second shade, Dusk is more suited to medium to dark skin that is warm-toned. By applying the finishing powder on top of your cover-up you also create a waterproof finish. This allows the wearer to even swim without disturbing their makeup.

The Veil Professional Kit is a great alternative to single pots of Veil Cover Cream for those who require a large wide variety of colours for clients and models. Each shade is lovingly manufactured in the UK using our unbeatable formulas that have been around for over 65 years. Each product is cruelty-free and contains a high amount of pigment meaning a little goes a long way.

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