Introducing The Veil Dark Circles Concealer Stack

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When it comes to using concealer one of the most popular reasons people reach for the effective product is to cover up and conceal dark circles. Dark circles can affect people from all walks of life and can be caused by several things.

Dark circles can be caused by both lifestyle choices and environmental factors

The most well-known cause is of course fatigue. Staying up late past your bedtime can cause your skin to become pale and dull which in turn makes the under-eye area appear dark due to the dark tissues and blood vessels in your skin showing through your skin. This also occurs as we get older and our skin loses fat and collagen. These two are what gives the skin its elasticity. When this happens, dark circles become more prominent as the blood vessels become more visible. It’s also worth noting that not getting enough shut-eye can also lead to a build-up of fluid underneath the eyes. This can result in puffiness and dark shadows around your eye area.

Two other things that can play a huge part in dark circles developing is dehydration and sun exposure. Not having enough water in the skin can cause your under-eye area to appear dull and sunken. Sun exposure, on the other hand, can cause your skin to produce excess pigment, overall making the area look a lot darker.

Genetics can play a part in under-eye circles

Of course, not all dark circles are caused by our lifestyle choices, often dark circles can occur due to genetics. If your family has a history of dark circles you may inherit the trait which can be spotted even in early childhood. These dark circles may improve as you get older but they can also darken as time goes on.

Whatever the cause, dark circles can be frustrating to deal with. The appearance can greatly affect confidence which is why many people seek to cover up and conceal. There are a variety of different concealers on the market but many lack coverage, longevity and a vast shade range. Enter Veil Cover Cream. Veil Cover Cream is a high coverage concealer that is long-lasting and comes in over 48 different shades. The concealer is soft and blends flawlessly into the skin and can cover a large variety of skin conditions, including under-eye circles.

Conceal dark circles with the Veil Dark Circles Concealer Stack

This is an image of the Veil Dark Circles Concealer Stack, a product designed to cover up and conceal unwanted dark circles.

Because Veil Cover Cream is so effective and a popular choice for concealing dark circles we’ve put together the new Veil Dark Circles Concealer Stack. This is a handy all in one product that is available in three different shades, light, medium and dark. Each shade contains four skin tone shades of Veil Cover Cream along with the colour correcting Yellow shade and a finely milled finishing powder.

The first shade light contains the colours Natural Light, Suede, Medium and Oyster with Yellow and finishing powder in Translucent. The medium shade contains the colours Tan, Almond, Caramel and No 3 alongside Yellow and finishing powder in the shade Translucent. And lastly, the dark shade contains Warm Coffee, Bourbon, Brown and Walnut with Yellow and finishing powder in Dusk.

The useful kit is undoubtedly the best concealer for dark circles. The Yellow shade works effectively to counteract those unwanted dark tones in the undereye area. The skin tone shades then effortlessly work to conceal the area to blend into the surrounding skin. This gives a flawless but natural-looking finish. On its own Veil Cover Cream has impressive wear time. However, by applying finishing powder on top this further adds to the fantastic longevity. It also gives a lovely matte finish. Along with the concealer stack, you will also receive a small fine makeup brush. This tool is perfect for precision application around the under-eye area to ensure that you can get rid of dark circles fast and effectively.

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