When Might You Want To Cover Up & Conceal Your Tattoo?

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Today tattoos are huge. In the past tattoos weren’t so popular but nowadays the act of getting inked is on the rise. With designs being able to be tailored to your exact taste, the body art choices available are truly endless. When done professionally tattoos can look incredible, they can be true pieces of art in their own right. Most people who have tattoos sport them with pride. However, a time might come when you might want or be required to temporarily cover up your tattoos.

Conceal tattoos for weddings and special occasions

This is an image of the Veil Tattoo Camouflage Kit. This kit is designed to cover up and conceal tattoo with ease for a natural look with an undetectable finish.

But when might you want to conceal a tattoo? Well, perhaps you’re getting married and fancy hiding your ink for that big day? When it comes to special events in your life you may wish to conceal your tattoo. It could be that you’re having a more traditional wedding or that your ink is an area that is usually concealed by clothing and you want to keep it out of sight. As well as weddings, you may also wish to temporarily conceal your tattoo for other events such as christenings, competitions and pageants. Ultimately you might be worried about your tattoo being exposed during the big event day and you may wish to keep it hidden.

Camouflage products can conceal your tattoo

If this is the case, there are impressive products available to help. Here at Veil, we’ve got you covered. Our tattoo camouflage range is available to help so that you can effortlessly and easily cover up and conceal your body ink so that you are able to go about your day without your tattoo being detected.

Conceal your tattoo for job interviews and in the workplace

This is a photo of the Veil Colour Correcting Stack, a product designed to counteract unwanted tones in the skin.

Once upon a time tattoos were strongly frowned upon in the workplace but as time goes on ink is more and more accepted. However, there are still some companies out there who strongly disagree with tattoos and deem them unsuitable for the workplace. Tattoos are often frowned upon in traditional jobs with customer-facing roles. Whereas tattoos tend to be more accepted in creative industries.

Hide tattoos for work with high coverage makeup

That being said, tattoo policy really does vary from company to company. If you’re seeking new employment and attending job interviews you might not be aware of your potential new employer’s policy on body ink. Because of this, you may wish to conceal your tattoo. Depending on the placement of your tattoo and your required uniform you could find yourself unable to hide your ink with clothing. Our range of high coverage makeup can help as the unbeatable pigment enables you to cover-up tattoos with ease for a truly natural look enabling your tattoos to go undetected throughout your interview or working day.

Cover up your unwanted tattoos

This is an image of the Veil Full Brush and Sponge Kit consisting of a pink coloured latex free sponge, a stripping brush and a small fine precision brush. All can be used for easy application of Veil Cover Cream concealer and other products.

Tattoos can be incredible pieces of art. However, there may come a time in your life where you regret your tattoo. Maybe the design is simply no longer to your taste. Or perhaps the quality of your tattoo isn’t as great as you’d like it to be. Whatever the reason, you may seek to hide your tattoo. Tattoo cover-ups carried out by a tattoo artist can be expensive and permanent removal can be costly, painful and a lengthy process. This leads many to turn to trusted products for pain-free instant results.

Conceal your tattoo effectively

If you’re looking for effective products to conceal your unwanted tattoos look no further than our tattoo camouflage range. Our products can hide your unwanted ink in next to no time thanks to the soft blendable formula and impressive high coverage. Our range contains everything you need to achieve a natural-looking concealed look.

The best products for concealing your tattoo

In our range, you’ll find our Tattoo Camouflage Kit. This all in one kit contains 5 shades of our high coverage concealer Veil Cover Cream, a 10g finely milled finishing power, a 30g jar of cleansing cream, a 30ml bottle of toning lotion, an empty jar for mixing, 2 spatulas, 4 cotton pads and a stippling brush. This kit is perfect for those who are new to concealing tattoos as it contains all the tools to help you achieve that impressive cover-up.

Take advantage of useful colour correcting shades

This is an image of a tattoo being concealed with a a green colour correcting concealer.

Another fantastic product in our range is the Colour Correcting Stack. This stack features five 5g jars of correcting concealer. Alongside this powerful stack, you also receive a cosmetic sponge and a spatula. The colours in this stack have been created to counteract unwanted tones in the skin so that you can achieve the perfect neutral base. Inside the stack, you’ll find Mauve. This shade not only neutralises Yellow but also brightens up dull complexions. Also in the stack is Green. This colour eliminates red tones. Next up we have Yellow. This counteracts any purple that may be present. Then we have Rose which can be used to brighten the area. Lastly, there’s Orange. This shade neutralises blue tones.

If your tattoo contains a lot of colour this stack can be particularly useful. Even if black ink is the only prominent colour in your tattoo this can also be a useful product. How you may be wondering? Well, black ink is actually created with blue or green undertones in its base. This explains why over time tattoos can fade and appear more green or blue. By using the colour correcting shades in addition to other shades of Veil Cover Cream you can conceal all unwanted tones flawlessly in the skin for a really natural look.

Find your tool of choice for concealing your tattoo

When it comes to concealing anything whether it be a tattoo or a skin condition finding a method of application that works for you is key. We have a range of tools available from the stripping brush to the fine precision brush and latex-free beauty blending sponge. To find out a little more on each application method be sure to check out our makeup tool guide to applying full coverage concealer. In this guide, we have created a full breakdown of each tool to help. This guide enables you to select the best method of application for you.

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